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Breaking up the Work-From-Home (WFH) Monotony

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Post Date: Monday, October 19, 2020

Julia, DBP’s Administrative Assistant, here. Working from home can be an adjustment, so I thought I’d share a few ideas for how to break up weekday monotony you might be experiencing.

First, good coffee can be key to productivity. I typically make an Ozo Blend pour over in the morning. If you prefer a barista-made specialty drink, I recommend Boxcar Coffee or Laughing Goat Cafe. I’d also suggest that you avoid getting in the habit of skipping lunchtime. No one likes a hangry virtual colleague. Organic Sandwich and Dish Gourmet are lifesavers if your pantry is uninspiring.  

If you’re too busy to step away from your desk midday, try to at least work in a brief mental break. Daydreaming about upcoming adventures is a perfect temporary escape for outdoorsy Boulderites. Allow yourself to get lost scrolling epic landscapes on social and plan something exciting. If you need new gear, you can certainly find it on Pearl Street. Alternatively, explore virtual art, cooking, meditation class offerings and consider enrolling. Taking some allotted time (even half an hour) to let your mind wander or to scheme a future outing may help you focus during back-to-back afternoon Zoom meetings. 

Once the clock strikes 5, do yourself a favor and get out of the house. Walk around, check out public art, do some people watching, or peruse a gallery. Occasionally, treat yourself with retail therapy. Just because people can only see your shoulders up while video conferencing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accessorize. The Makers Trail will lead you to some of Boulder's best artisan wares. Also, a bit of pampering, like a shave, a new hairdo, a massage, or a facial could make you feel renewed. No matter what self care means you choose to follow your work day, you will eventually need a bite to eat. Meal kit and to-go offerings from Frasca Food and Wine or Cured Pantry can simplify suppertime. Or if you’d rather dine out, there are plenty of choices. River & Woods has live music in its backyard some nights and Pizzeria Locale, Mateo, and Leaf have expanded their patio seating.

For anyone in need of a more serious change of scenery from your current workspace, consider Kiln. Everything I’ve mentioned is within reach from their new East End coworking office. It’ll be difficult not to embrace downtown’s walkability once you’re there. 

Enjoy (safely, of course)!

Julia, the Admin.

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