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Cure to the Boulder Gloominess… Caffeine!

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Post Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The weather in May is always unpredictable, yet instead of embracing it, I continue to be surprised and upset every year when I see rain and snow in the forecast. I am usually a morning person, but it has been really hard to leave my bed these past couple of weeks. Luckily, I am a coffee addict and I have a couple of go-to shops that feed my addiction to make my days much less groggy.

A great place to get a consistently good cuppa joe is Ozo Coffee. Lucky for us, there is now an Ozo location on both the East and West Ends of downtown Boulder, making delicious coffee at all times! The East End Ozo has a great open feel, which gives customers the option to see what is going on outside, without actually being outside. This is perfect for days when the weather is not matching the season. The menu caters to all sorts of coffee drinkers, from the strictly black coffee to the peppermint mocha drinkers. I happen to love both options, making Ozo one of my favorite coffee spots.

Another excellent coffee shop to check out is Alpine Modern Coffee Bar. With their many tables and calm environment, Alpine is a great place to get some work done. Alpine offers some top-notch coffee, but what I love most about Alpine is their food options. I tend to get their coffee in the morning before I have eaten breakfast, so I always end up pairing it with a delicious scone. Alpine also sells cute merchandise that make for terrific gifts.

For those of you that don’t love coffee as much as I do, there are alternatives to getting a burst of energy. Whole Sol Blend Bar recently opened on the Pearl Street Mall and their expansive menu appeals to all kinds of tastes from white truffle avocado toast to vegan cookie dough. Order anything at Whole Sol to feel energized, healthy, and satisfied. My go-to order is the OG smoothie bōl with almond butter. Their menu offers delicious and refreshing options, perfect for the cooler days or the upcoming warmer weather.

I hope this short list helps fellow caffeine enthusiasts to indulge in their habit downtown. I also hope that Boulder warms up so that I can start ordering iced coffee (which I strongly prefer to hot). Stay lively and optimistic, downtown Boulder, summer weather is coming but awesome coffee options abound year round!

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