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"Cursed" to Being a Boulderite

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Post Date: Friday, September 1, 2017

Greetings fellow Boulderites and lucky visitors! According to urban legend, any of you who have stumbled across this utopian Colorado town are “cursed” to never leave, or destined to always return. The Curse of Boulder Valley, also known as Chief Niwot’s Curse, is more of a blessing than it is a curse in my opinion, and I should know. 

My name is Amanda Weber and I am introducing myself to you as this year’s fall Marketing and Communications Intern for Downtown Boulder. I was born in China but was raised here in Boulder, Colorado, and could be considered a victim of the Curse of Boulder Valley. I am a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and minoring in Technology, Arts and Media. Apparently I just couldn’t get out of Boulder when it came to making a college decision because the university campus nearly overlaps with my high school. That being said, I think growing up here makes me nearly an expert on Boulder, all quirks included. If you ask any Coloradan what their hobbies include, outdoor activities are an automatic response, and I’m not about to change that trend. The most iconic element of Boulder is the Flatirons, but the beauty does not even begin to slow there. I have gained an immense appreciation for nature and nothing beats walking down any Boulder sidewalk on the perfect summer evening. An artist at heart, you can find me doodling by Boulder Creek or invested in a painting at 2 am. I have always enjoyed the visual aesthetics that Boulder brings, and it has definitely inspired me in my artwork. 

Considering my Instagram bio is “I’m probably eating” I think it is safe to say that eating is one of my passions, and is definitely a large part of my daily activity. Boulder is the perfect place to find anything you’re craving, from simply grabbing a bite to fine dining. My personal go-to for a quick meal is Illegal Pete’s, where I eat frequently, at least two days a week. My family goes to The Med or Brasserie Ten Ten for almost any occasion, which I would highly suggest to any and all visitors. My ultimate favorite restaurant downtown is Zoe Ma Ma, and anything you order is going to be mouth-watering and amazing. I have been a barista for 5 years, and I would consider coffee an art from the second the bean is being grown to when it ends up in your vanilla latte. Expect a blog post on that to come, but for now, I am likely spending my time at The Cup or Trident

I am excited to be interning here at Downtown Boulder, and look forward to keeping you updated on everything Boulder while working closely with the town that I consider home. 


Amanda Weber



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