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Downtown Discoveries this Semester

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Post Date: Monday, April 26, 2021

Hi Downtown Boulder Readers!

Before my internship ends, I wanted to write an extra blog featuring some of the new places that I expereinced this semester that stood out to me! I thought it would be fun to go to capture my ventures on film...but there was a bit of a hiccup. One of my film cameras ended up not having film in it at all, so (sadly) half the places I tried do not have any images to accompany them.  Below are a few highlights from the images that did get developed - acccompanied by my hot takes on them! 

Daikon Banh Mi:

I strolled past Daikon Banh Mi for months, and it wasn’t until working at DBP that I finally gave it a try. I can honestly admit that I waited far too long to eat here! The decor, aesthetic, and ambiance drew me in -- but the food is what keeps me coming back. My favorite is the classic banh mi with braised tofu and spicy sauce - I couldn’t recommend a meal more highly. Next time I go (which will not be long from now, believe me) I am going to add the Daikon matcha milk tea, and mango mochi to my order.


I have to say, I am a bit of a fraud when it comes to being a sushi lover because I am vegetarian. But that said, vegetarian sushi rolls are one of my favorite foods on the planet and I am always up for the challenge of finding the best avocado rolls in Boulder. You can imagine my excitement when Blofish opened downtown, and I would have the chance to try avocado rolls from a new place! They have an entire section on their menu dedicated to vegetarian rolls and I plan on trying each one throughout this summer (the Kabocha, Avocado, Jalapeno roll is up next).  So far, the do NOT disappoint!


Sustainability is important to me. I have been trying to incorporate new habits into my every day life to be more eco-friendly. One of those habits is to stop buying fast fashion and instead shop second-hand, thrift, and consignment. When Apocalypse opened I made sure it was on my list of second-hand stores to try, and I was not let down. I got my hands on a really (really) soft Harley Davidson shirt, a vintage CU hoodie, and a couple basic tank tops. Apocalypse is affordable and has a great selection of all clothing. I plan to continue going back and I am glad it is a part of my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

Piece, Love, and Chocolate: 

The first time I walked into Piece, Love, and Chocolate the scent of chocolate evoked a sense of nostalgia in me that I didn’t know existed. Their truffles are beautiful and unique, but I couldn’t resist trying a mini pistachio flavored cake. I also threw in a rose-shaped chocolate because this was a couple days after Valentine’s Day so it seemed fitting. Right before walking out I spotted a cocoa shea butter hand cream that has truly saved my skin in Colorado's dry winter. The staff was so kind and welcoming, and I look forward to going back. Their Truffle Favor Boxes also make the perfect party favors, and you can’t go wrong giving the Truffle Collection Boxes as a gift. 

There are still so many places in downtown Boulder that I didn’t get the chance to try -- but the good news is that I have all summer to make my way to each of them! I hope this inspires you to get out there and experinece some places you haven’t been to before, because chances are, you won’t be disappointed. 

Talk Soon,



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