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Downtown Lunches Under $10… Say What?!

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Post Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Working downtown has been such a fun experience. I get to witness all the downtown excitement happening at all hours of the day. Not only that, but I am surrounded by some top notch restaurants and shops. The temptation to buy every cute shirt I see at Free People and to indulge in nice meals at places like Arcana Restaurant grows everyday I work downtown. To help keep my wallet in check,  I’ve been trying to spend less on lunches. To help you out, I have put together a list of delicious places to get an affordable meal during your lunch break. 

This list contains over 25 restaurant options. From Asian cuisine to smoothie bowls, downtown Boulder has it all for incredibly reasonable prices. Not only does the food differ, the locations do too. This means that you can get a low-cost lunch within 5 minutes of where you work- saving you time on your lunch break, in addition to saving you dollars in your wallet. 

Many places offer excellent lunch deals throughout the week that all downtown Boulder employees should know about. Get a delicious burger, fries and soda at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery for $9.95. In addition to their yummy food options, Mountain Sun is also a great spot to hang out with and get to know co-workers! Another restaurant that has dining specials is Centro Mexican Kitchen. Be sure to go there on Mondays to take advantage of their all-day happy hour. This happy hour includes discounted drinks, as well as $3-$6 small plates and tacos. Return to work with a full stomach and a smile on your face! 

I have a few favorites on this list that I always go to when the clock hits noon. Whenever I am on the West End and I see the sign for Bartaco, my mouth immediately starts watering for their delicious plantains ($4) and street corn fritters ($6). With the Downtown Boulder office being across the street from Lindsay's Boulder Deli @ Haagen Dazs, I am constantly tempted to stop in and get my favorite, the Pearl Street Garden Veggie ($8.59). The vibrant and fun energy radiating from Tune Up at Full Cycle always makes me want to drop in to snack on a panini or chips & guac (all under $10).

There are plenty of tasty options downtown that are affordable and delicious. By choosing to eat downtown you are helping local businesses and fellow employees and that will make your lunch experience 10x better! 


Intern Sally

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