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Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

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Post Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Now that it is October I am in the mood for all things spooky! Besides watching scary movies and making apple cider, one thing on my to-do list for this month is to figure out what I am going to be for Halloween. Luckily, downtown Boulder has the perfect store for finding a costume -  The Ritz (959 Walnut St Boulder, CO 80302) where all your craziest costume dreams can come true! 

One great thing about The Ritz is that they are a local Boulder shop going on 42 years strong. This is part of the reason why I chose to go there and see what Halloween inspo I could find, because we should always remember to #ShopSmall and #LovetheLocal! 

I checked out The Ritz’s Instagram for some inspiration. Here they show Halloween ideas including costumes through the decades such as 70s girls; costume mash-ups like “steampunk Ariel”; and heroic costumes like Rosie the Riveter. I love that you can mix and match their pieces to come up with a unique costume that no one else will have! 

After my social media research, I headed into The Ritz to check out accessories. They have an awesome array of cat ears and witch hats, for putting together a quick and easy outfit. They also offer a wide selection of wigs - with everything from afros to bobs. This is great because I am thinking about being Dora the Explorer for Halloween, and I will definitely need a wig! 

While I was there, I took a look at The Ritz’s clothing. When you first enter the store you will see racks of dresses, bodysuits, capes and onesies. There are mannequins in the front of the store displaying so many Halloween ideas! Some of my favorites included: a silver bell-sleeved disco dress; full-body skeleton costumes; and their plentiful selection of faux fur coats! 

After all of my browsing I now feel pretty confident that I can complete my Halloween look from all The Ritz has to offer. I hope my quest also helps YOU with finding a ~spooktacular~ costume for the season! You are going to need one if you plan on going to Munchkin Masquerade on October 31st - make sure to mark your calendars! 


Stay Spooky,

Intern Alicia

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