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Essential Oils, Herbs and Face Masks, Oh My!

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Post Date: Friday, September 6, 2019

This week I am on the hunt to find the perfect present for one of my best friends Kate. She is completely obsessed with all things self-care, so I am going to scour downtown stores to see what I can find to give her a present that she will love. 

My first stop will be Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply. Here I will look for unique ingredients that she can use for all her self-care needs. I am thinking of buying some activated charcoal powder that she could use for DIY face masks and teeth whitening. Also, I am thinking of a beeswax bar because she loves to make handmade soaps and lotion bars. While I am here I will also treat myself to some of the store’s bulk herbs, specifically chamomile flower and lavender flower so I can make homemade tea. 

My next stop on my quest to find the best present is Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy. I know Pharmaca specializes in offering homeopathic and aromatherapy products, so my goal is to find an essential oil roll-on for relaxation. Pharmaca offers several aromatherapy roll-ons, two of which I personally love: their sweet dreams roll-on with lavender and jojoba oil to promote peaceful sleep, and their head soother roll-on, with yellow birch and peppermint to relieve headache pain. These options would be great for Kate (or any student) because with the start of a new semester stress levels are high and relaxation is key! 

My last stop is Lush Cosmetics, a place I already know that my friend adores. Here I will look for Lush’s lip scrubs and balms. This is fitting for the cold weather that is (hopefully) coming soon as these products combat dryness and are super nourishing. I will get Kate their Rose Lollipop lip balm, made with rose oil and fair trade shea butter. This will be great because she aims to buy only cruelty-free makeup and products, which is Lush’s vibe…100% vegetarian, handmade, and ethically produced without animal testing. I know finding a present with these values will mean a lot to Kate, and I think this list of items will make her day - she is one of my best friends after all! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my present hunt in downtown Boulder, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that Kate is happy with what I get her! Hopefully this also helps you find some aromatherapy, self-care treasures in the downtown district! 


Until next time,

Intern Alicia

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