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Exploring East End

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Post Date: Monday, June 18, 2018

So one of the major perks about this internship is that you constantly get to explore downtown. I get to scope out all of the new stores and restaurants that pop up, and give an insider's perspective to all of you. 

Recently, I was exploring the East End and saw a store I had never been into before called Haven. This new hip store opened on the East End a few months ago, yet somehow I had never made my way in. Walking in this boutique was unlike anywhere I had been into before, it had its own laid back relaxed vibe. I was immediately drawn into their jewelry, I was so tempted to buy all of their petite necklaces that were so unique and dainty. 

Right next door to Haven was another new business I didn't recognize, Truman Barber Co. I popped in this barbershop just to get a feel for it. I found that it had such a cool atmosphere that I wanted to hangout in for a while. They were playing some great tunes and had colorful wall decals making it a refreshing new place for men’s barber needs. This was the goal of the owner, Anthony Lavdanski, who wanted to bring an "authentic barbershop" where men could go to get quality cuts in Boulder. 

Since I was exploring on the East End I had to stop in at the Tune-Up Bar inside of Full Cycle. How can you go wrong when this little bar that offers a selection of beer, wine, and bites you can order as well all right inside the bike shop?Plus, I have to mention they were voted best new business in 2018 by the Boulder Weekly! The Tune-Up Bar has 16 rotating taps of local and craft beers, as well as ciders and wine. So since I’m not the most knowledgeable beer drinker the staff at Tune-Up are always nice enough to let me sample a couple beers till I can find the one I like the best. This fun and friendly bar right inside of Full Cycle has to be one of my favorite's on the East End. 

As I'm walking back from my East End adventure, I couldn't help but notice another new addition that arrived a few weeks ago on the 1200 block of the mall, the Savannah Bee Company. Walking in I thought all I was going to see was some honey in the bar shaped jars, but that was not what this store was about at all. There were elegant bottles filled with all different flavors of honey, beauty products infused with honey, and even a little cafe in the back offering beverages of all kinds. As if that wasn't already enough to impress me for a honey based shop, that staff told me about how the Savannah Bee Company is passionate about educating their customers on the importance of bees and how we can save them.

I hope that this list of new downtown businesses can get you all excited to come out and explore the businesses that make downtown Boulder such an awesome place!


Intern Tyla

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