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Ghost Walks with Historic Boulder!

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This year Historic Boulder is partnering with local haunted history author Ann Alexander Leggett and our friends at Psychic Horizons to create a unique and captivating tour that offers an unforgettable journey into the unknown!

Join them to explore downtown Boulder’s most haunted sites and share bone-chilling stories that have endured for generations. As darkness falls, the streets come alive with tales of spirits, mysterious apparitions, and the eerie echoes of history. The Ghost Walk / Ghost Talk is a unique opportunity to learn about the architecture and history of some of Boulder’s most historic structures—and the hauntings of those structures. All 5 of the properties on the tour are located downtown and within walking distance of each other: Arnett-Fullen House, Arnett-Montgomery House & Horry and Son Market (aka The New Local). the Armory Building (aka Urban Outfitters) and Hotel Boulderado.

The event takes place Saturday, October 21 from 2:30-7:30 PM. Make sure to grab a timed entry ticket before heading to the event! 

Hear from Ann Alexander Legget, one of the authors of this incredible event, about what to expect:“Many years ago I worked with Historic Boulder on two books I was co-writing about haunted Boulder structures. They were gracious in opening their files to me—files full of historic building inventories (which I love to read) and pretty much everything you could want to know about a building. I then spoke to the residents and/or owners of the structures to hear their haunting tales. 

For all of the books I’ve co-written, the psychics from Boulder’s Psychic Horizons have played a huge role. They come to the structures and do a reading—an assessment if you will—of the spirit energy in the building. They are an amazing group, and to be in the room when they work with the homeowners is quite an experience. Walking through an old, uninhabited, spooky building with a psychic is something that’s difficult to explain. It’s outside the realm of belief. We have experienced some really crazy things on this journey.

During the Ghost Walk / Ghost Talk, the psychics will explain the current spirit activity in each venue—and it is sure to be spooky and fun to hear.

My daughter, Jordan Alexander Leggett, and I have written three more ‘haunted history books’ since the first two I co-wrote many years ago. We call them haunted history books because they are comprised of half history, half hauntings. Our motto is: "From the history come the ghosts.”  Anyone can make up a ghost story which quickly becomes internet fodder, but when you can tie the hauntings to a previous resident, well, that’s when the hair on the back of your neck really stands up. In each book we give a solid history lesson on each structure based on countless hours of research, and really dive into all the reports of hauntings—and the results are always fascinating, to say the least. Many times we debunk some of the crazy rumors because we feel the structures deserve respect. The books Jordan and I have written are: “Ghosts of Boulder,” “A Haunted History of Denver’s Croke-Patterson Mansion,” and “No.1 - The History and Hauntings of the Denver Firefighters’ Museum.” They are all available on Amazon. We are always looking for haunted locations for a new book. People can reach us at

The ghost part is the icing on the cake. They reached out to ask me to advise on this year’s event and to write the history and previous haunting talking points for each venue on the tour. I was thrilled to work with Historic Boulder and Psychic Horizons again.”

Ann and Jordan were a huge part of this event’s creation and it is clear to see the dedication and care that the team poured into this event! 

We can’t wait to see everyone downtown enjoying a fun, historic and captivating tour this weekend! 

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