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Got to Please ‘Em All

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Post Date: Monday, June 24, 2019

My sister is getting married in 12 short days and we are all scrambling to put the last minute touches on things. Soon my entire family will be in Colorado, and while I am so excited to see them, I am a little nervous about keeping them all entertained and happy. Luckily I live and work in an excellent area that truly has something for everyone!

My family members differ in age, gender, and lifestyle, meaning I need to find activities that everyone will enjoy. My favorite thing to do in downtown Boulder is to go to the Boulder County Farmers Market, either Wednesday evenings or on Saturdays. This will be a good spot to take my family because it has delicious food and drinks, as well as numerous novelties that they can take home to remember their trip to downtown Boulder. If there are members of my family that do not want to spend an extended amount of time outside, I will suggest that they explore the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The art museum has a summer exhibit: Clark Richert’s “Pattern and Dimensions” that will mesmerize them.

Enigma Escape Rooms is the perfect place to take my family members that love games and problem solving. This activity will bond us as a family, as we must work together and communicate in order to solve the puzzle and escape in time. There might be some bickering, but that will add to the fun! This is another great option for the people that want a cool escape from the intense Colorado sun.

The wedding is bound to bring up stress and anxiety, especially for family members in the ceremony. What better way to ease nerves than to treat yo self with a spa day? The Honey Pot is one of my favorite spots downtown. The peaceful atmosphere makes for the perfect relaxing experience. They use high-quality, organic products and also listen to your wants and needs. I am positive that anyone I take to Honey Pot will enjoy it.

A lot of my family members are music lovers, so taking them to Bands on the Bricks is a must. The outdoor beer/wine/margarita garden that opens before the show will be an added bonus for my family members that are over 21. This event will have everyone dancing, singing, and smiling all night long! There are also several live music events that happen every night throughout downtown Boulder that I can take them to.

My family is a pretty laid back bunch, so I am confident everyone can find something they like. There are also plenty of shopping and dining options that will fill in any down time. My goal is to have them love downtown Boulder so much so that they move closer to me! Fingers crossed!


Intern Sally   

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