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Hey Boulder, It's Emma

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Post date: Monday, January 30, 2023

Hey Downtown!

My name is Emma White, and I am the new Downtown Boulder Partnership’s (DBP) Marketing and Communications Intern this spring. I am so excited to help you all fall in love with Boulder like I have! 

Born and raised in San Diego, California, I left the beach for the mountains and headed to Boulder a few years ago to attend CU. While in high school, I discovered my passion for storytelling. So when I got to CU, a major in Journalism with a double minor in Business and Leadership was the perfect fit. 

I first fell in love with Colorado’s sunshine and amazing views when my grandfather purchased a house in Telluride for our family. Feeling a rush of endorphins as I reached the top of the Jud Weibe trail made me realize my love for being in nature. When I moved to Boulder, I knew I would find similar happiness from exploring the outdoors and hitting the trails. Some of my favorite places to hike in the area include the Royal Arch Trail and Skunk Canyon Trail.

After a long day of hiking, I love Facetiming my beloved pets back in San Diego, including my thirty-pound Maine Coon cat (his name is Monkey). My three other Maine Coon cats, a Labrador, six chickens and three horses also love to bombard me with affection after my semesters spent at college. If you’re looking to add to your pet family, be sure to check out Farfel’s Farm on downtown’s West End! They are a local dog rescue, as well as a cat and dog boutique filled with toys and treats. 

If I’m not hiking / exploring, you can probably find me at a coffee shop or restaurant! As a coffee addict and a sushi lover, I have considered Pearl Street my foodie home for the past three years. Nothing beats a Kitsune’s Kiss truffle salmon roll at Japango or a cozy Snowy Mocha at Ozo Coffee. A social gal, nothing is better than catching up with friends over margaritas at Bartaco or meeting up with a group at The Attic. With Pearl Street being a 15 minute walk from my college home on University Hill, my friends and I never miss the opportunity to dress up and indulge in fine food and drinks.

I look forward to continuing to explore Boulder’s beautiful downtown and discovering more incredible local businesses. Tag along with me and let me show you the best that Boulder has to offer! 

See you next time!


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