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Hey Boulder, It's Nice to Meet You!

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Post Date, Tuesday, February 1, 2022


My name is Alex and I’m Downtown Boulder’s Spring Intern. I have lived in Boulder for just over three years now and I’m glad to call it home. When I first came to Boulder, I heard it was the best college town in America. I can now confidently say it is simply one of the best towns in America! I love walking to various trailheads to go for a hike and then hopping on the Skip to enjoy a night downtown. Currently, I am a Senior at CU Boulder double majoring in Economics and Marketing (and minoring in Communications and Leadership Studies). 

Originally I’m from Libertyville, a suburb north of Chicago. Growing up, there were very few outdoor activities to enjoy besides boating on the lake, but I was able to visit family in Montana and Colorado. It was here that I absolutely fell in love with the mountains, a completely foreign landscape as Illinois is the second flattest state in the U.S. It is so flat that I got excited whenever we drove over the gravel mine outside the city to see any type of cliff or rock! So when the time came to choose a college, my heart was set on heading to the mountains.

When I first arrived at CU, I had no idea all that downtown Boulder had to offer. As a college student, my relationship with the district has evolved over time. From family weekends to turning 21 and exploring new restaurants, I’ve come to find the best deals downtown (and the best spots to take parents)!

When my dad came out for CU Family Weekend last semester, I convinced him to explore the downtown food scene with me. Friday we went to West End Tavern to enjoy some burgers and drinks. (I highly recommend Rye Boi on their featured cocktail list, made with woody creek rye, blackberry liqueur, lemon, mint, orange bitters, and absinthe). After the football game Saturday, we dined at Japango. Along with some classic sushi rolls, we ordered the Chef’s Choice-Style Sashimi. It was so good we had to order another! Our last dinner together before he hit the road back to Chicago was at Centro Mexican Kitchen. We were craving Pisco Sours a drink made with lime, egg whites, sugar and pisco, a liquor made from grapes. According to my dad, it was the best Pisco Sour he had in ages.

Starting this internship, I had no idea just how many retail stores and restaurants existed downtown. I’ve quickly learned there are over 250 different dining and shopping options, the vast majority of which are owned and operated locally. I love experiencing new places, and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about running out of new choices anytime soon. I am excited to share my adventures with all of you!

Until next time downtown,


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