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It's Voting Time

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Post Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Hey Downtown -  

It is election season and in case you haven’t heard it yet (just kidding)...make sure you VOTE! Election Day takes place one week from today on November 3 and lucky for us voting in Colorado is super easy. Everyone who is registered to vote should have been mailed a ballot earlier this month - if you live in Boulder County, you can track your ballot here. If you want to vote in person (or register to vote) - you can do that from now through Election Day - just make sure you are in line by 7 pm. Polling locations in Boulder County are available on the Elections Website

If you choose to vote using the ballot that was mailed to you - make sure you drop it off by 7 pm on November 3. There is a ballot box right downtown at the County Courthouse (pictured above)! If you’re facing the building from the Mall, walk to the right side towards 14th Street - the ballot box is right across the street from the Boulder Theater! (Other ballot drop off boxes in the county can be found here.)

Reading your ballot can be confusing with the number of ballot measures and candidates this year but there are a ton of great resources to help you understand each one. Here is a resource directly from Boulder County that links to all candidates' individual websites. The Colorado Blue Book which goes over statewide measures can be found here. New Era Colorado - a bipartisan non-profit organization located right in downtown - produced a Voter Guide with great information as well.

Here's my Top Five of why it's important to vote...

  1. It’s your civic duty
  2. Elections have consequences - make sure you’re a part of the decision 
  3. Voting is a way to have your voice heard
  4. Your vote counts - voting is a great equalizer
  5. Democracy breaks if nobody votes
  6. Bonus: You get to show off the 'I Voted' sticker on your social media

Happy Voting! 

-DBP Julie

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