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My Awesome First Experience at Bands on the Bricks

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'Bands on the Bricks' performance

Last week I finally attended the event I have been excited about all summer, Bands on the Bricks. This was the first time I had ever attended an event like this, and I had an absolute blast! I got to see the Eagles cover band, The Long Run, perform. While I didn’t and still don’t know many Eagles songs, the Long Run put on an awesome show that people of all ages enjoyed! 

I arrived in the middle of the opening act and right away saw tons of people smiling and dancing in the Beer Garden. Unfortunately, I am 20, so I can’t enjoy the huge beer garden, which features tasty brews from Avery Brewing Co and tasty margaritas from T/ACO. Thankfully, I am of age to take down some amazing pizza from Pizza Colóre, so I made sure that was my first stop when I got to Pearl. I got two slices of delicious pesto and pepperoni pizza and ate them outside while watching the opening act finish up. 

After eating, I went over to the Courthouse Lawn and somehow managed to secure a good seat to watch The Long Run perform. They opened with one of the two Eagles songs I knew, Take it Easy. My favorite part of Bands on the Bricks was seeing the excitement and joy on tons of faces of people contributing to the already fantastic atmosphere of Pearl Street for a concert. 

There was a massive turnout for the first Bands on the Bricks concert, and people all over Pearl were enjoying the show, dancing, and singing along with The Long Run. This made Bands on the Bricks a memorable experience because it was awesome to see the Boulder community come together and have some fun after all the challenges we have all faced in the past year. Obviously, the Flatirons and gorgeous Pearl Street are a hard-to-beat backdrop for any event, especially a concert. Seeing people pack into the beautiful 1300 block of Pearl Street surrounded by local restaurants and shops helps create a unique venue every Wednesday evening. 

It’s safe to say that I’ll be attending one of the following three Bands on the Bricks shows to go enjoy some live music and take in a fantastic concert atmosphere. This week’s performance is one of downtown Boulder’s favorites: Hazel Miller and the Collective. If you have any questions about Bands on the Bricks, use the link here for more information!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Jacob S.

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