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My Perfect Day in Boulder

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Hello Downtown Readers, 

Since I came to Boulder almost two years ago I’ve had so many awesome experiences downtown! I’d normally say that one day to experience all of the amazing restaurants, shops and outdoor activities is just not enough but, I wanted to try to narrow it down so that if you only had one day, here are my top recommendations of the best way to spend one perfect day in downtown Boulder. 

My favorite thing about Boulder is how accessible a variety of super fun outdoor activities are, so of course, I’m going to start my day outside.After sleeping in, take a bike ride down the Boulder Creek Path. The paved Path is a great 5.5 mile that takes you all around Boulder Creek and was also recently updated and now goes further up into Boulder Canyon. The trail is short and mellow, which is perfect if you are like me and are not looking for something extreme. I love to ride (and walk) up the Creek Path because each time I’m on it, I notice a different part of the Flatirons, Boulder Canyon or the city that I definitely wouldn’t have seen anywhere else. 

Now that I got my exercise for the day, it’s time to eat! My favorite downtown lunch spot is Centro Mexican Kitchen. I first went to Centro with my family before the start of my freshman year and it is so delicious that now every time my family is in town it's the first place we go. While I’m sure that every dish on the Centro menu is tasty, I stick to the Baja Fish Taco board. The mancha salsa that Centro puts on all of their tacos is amazing, but definitely pairs best with the Baja fish tacos. My favorite part about Centro is their outdoor seating area.It’s awesome because of the West End views and if you are in the right seat, you can see the Flatirons too. It’s the best in the summertime once the sun starts to go down behind the Flatirons. 

Whether I am on Pearl for food, fun or work, I almost always take a walk up and down the mall. I like seeing all the new businesses, restaurants and people that fill the Pearl Street Mall everyday. Also, I’ve heard it’s good to walk around after meals to settle your stomach, especially after you eat a bunch of fish tacos! I think the small town feel and beauty of Boulder really come out on Pearl Street. I never get tired of seeing the old brick buildings with the Flatirons and Flagstaff Mountain  in the background. Whenever I walk up and down Pearl I realize how lucky I am to go to school in such a special place.

To finish my perfect day in Boulder, I would head back to Pearl Street for dinner at The Post followed by a mandatory dessert at Gelato Boy. The Post’s Fried Chicken is debatably  my favorite food item and a not-to-be missed experience for a perfect day in Boulder. I have only been one time, but The Post’s fried chicken is cooked to perfection with a crunchy outside and tender delicious chicken underneath. If you are up for an added kick, I recommend getting the chicken Nashville style! Personally, no meal is complete without dessert, so a trip to Gelato Boy is a must. My personal recommendation is their Chocolate Fudge Brownie. There is no such thing as having too much chocolate, as proof by this flavor that is filled with brownie and fudge bites - it has my name written all over it! If I can somehow manage to walk after all of this food, my perfect day downtown would be complete.

While it was difficult to choose, I managed to hit all my favorite food, scenery and outdoor activities in downtown to make a perfect day! 

Thanks for stopping by, 

Jacob S.

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