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My Super Bowl Sunday Plans

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Post Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As we all know, this Sunday is one of the nation’s favorite annual events: Groundhog Day! Oh… not where you were expecting me to go with that one? Well, you’re right. I’m really here to talk about Super Bowl LIV which has a special place in my heart as I have grown up in a household of die hard San Francisco 49ers fans… and when we don’t root for the 49ers we are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. So no matter what, Sunday will be a win-win for your favorite intern (as long as the commercials and half-time show live up to expectations)!

If you’re like a lot of my friends and really don’t care that much about sports, the Super Bowl can still be something to look forward to. It is the perfect excuse to get together with friends, have a couple beers, eat some good food and watch grown men run into each other as fast and aggressively as they can. And if that last part doesn’t interest you, you can just play on your phone or focus on the food until the commercial breaks and half-time show. 

I will certainly be finishing up all my homework on Saturday so I can start out my day with a Super Bowl brunch at The Post Brewing Co. where there will be $15 buckets of Howdy Beer, as well as brewer’s choice specials on draft beer. What can I say, I’m a gal who loves a good beer. I will likely be watching the game at a friend's viewing party which of course means finding the perfect game day munchy crunchy to contribute to the gathering. Thankfully, downtown has plenty to offer for your game day needs! West End Tavern (my favorite bbq in Boulder) has barbecue platters to-go with delicious pulled pork, Texas brisket, burnt ends and spare ribs. If you’d rather avoid the hassle of getting the big game on your TV, The Tune-Up will be hosting a viewing party where you can find food specials and $3 beer pints.

Signing off for now--you can find me dreaming about bbq and beer until Sunday… Then you can find me in a food coma. 

Intern Keighlee

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