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Organic Sandwich Co: Downtown Boulder's Go-to Spot for a Fresh, Delicious Sandwich

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Hello Downtown Boulder Readers, 

This week, I stopped by the delicious breakfast and lunch restaurant Organic Sandwich Co, on the East End. As someone who loves sandwiches and has seen the menu numerous times while walking around downtown, I was extremely excited to finally try one of their mouth watering creations.  

When I walked into the shop I checked out the large chalkboard menu against the slick white brick wall that helps give Organic Sandwich a really modern and sleek feel. I scanned the menu and found that they truly have something for everyone’s dietary needs from the Vegan Beetnik Sandwich (with roasted red and gold beets, house made almond feta, arugula, on a pretzel loaf) to the gluten free turkey and brie (roasted turkey, house-made honey mustard and brie spread, sliced apples, caramelized onions, arugula, stone ground mustard on a baguette). What hit me was that Organic Sandwich uses almost entirely homemade ingredients that come from locally grown produce and meat.

After finally settling on the Sopressata and Cheese Sandwich (Soppressata salami, spicy house-made giardiniera, aged white cheddar, arugula, all served on Organic Sandwich Co’s homemade pretzel loaf) and an iced coffee, I placed my order with the super friendly sandwich maker behind the counter. I am a picky eater and sometimes when I order a sandwich there is way too much of a certain ingredient, even though it is something that I enjoy. Luckily for me, I was able to watch the sandwich being assembled which gave me the opportunity to chime in and ask for less giardiniera. This was extremely helpful in preventing my mouth from overheating!

After receiving my freshly wrapped sandwich, I took a seat in the quaint seating area outside the restaurant. I had high expectations for Organic Sandwich Co and I was not disappointed by the incredibly flavorful sandwich. Right away I tasted the super lean and savory soppressata salami combined with the crunchy arugula. I continued to eat this really yummy sandwich and realized that their home-made hot giardiniera really gave the sandwich a lot of flavor. As someone from the Chicago area, I love giardiniera on any type of sandwich from Italian Beef to a toasted turkey and cheese sub. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find a place in Boulder that has tasty giardiniera comparable to Chicago. While the sopressata and cheese sandwich contained many delicious ingredients, no sandwich is complete without the right bread. Organic Sandwich pretzel loaf only added to the delectable ingredients. The pretzel loaf was nice and crunchy on the outside while the inside remained fluffy and soft. I absolutely loved the sopressata sandwich,and the iced coffee was exactly what I needed to re-energize and get ready for the rest of my day. Not to mention it is a super flavorful and refreshing drink for the summertime. 

The seating area outside of Organic Sandwich Co allows customers to get gorgeous views of the East End and the rest of downtown Boulder. I sat right outside the shop, looking directly at the beautiful shops and restaurants on the East End including Snooze, BoCo Life, Bliss and more! Make sure to grab a table outside this summer for an even better Organic Sandwich Co experience. 

See you soon, 

Jacob S. 

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