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Photographers Guide to Downtown Boulder

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Post Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017

In the age of the smartphone and Instagram filters, everyone is basically a professional photographer! We have compiled a list of the most aesthetically pleasing spots around downtown Boulder for you  to reference next time you want to rack up the "likes" or improve your Pinterest page, if that’s more your style. Or maybe you really are a photographer and are looking to expand your portfolio. We're finding new spots everyday so give our Instagaram a follow, @downtownboulder, and continue to discover new locations!

Dushanbe Teahouse 

This spot is a gold mine for capturing quality photos. The Teahouse’s traditional Persian design and architecture create an environment of refined grace and rich culture. Demonstrate to your followers just how sophisticated and cultured you are whilst picturesquely sipping a chamomile tea!

Rooftop on PearlWest

This is a new and relatively unknown spot since the building was only recently finished, although, I’m sure it will become an extremely popular sunset spot once those Instagrams start leaking out. The Flatirons look the best when you’re above everything else. 

The Boulder House Balcony

When you’re on a balcony it is mandatory that you take a photo, or else how will anyone know you’re a cool guy? However, there aren’t too many spots that can beat the view from the Boulder House balcony. An uninterrupted view of the Flatirons will never get old! Flash your bright drink and a cute smile against this marvelous backdrop and show the world how radical you are! 
Boulder County Courthouse 

This historic landmark displays some pretty boss architectural design, so why not take a photo in front of it? Here’s one for the scrapbook! 

Boulder Theater

When the sun goes down and the lights turn on, the Boulder Theater displays a simple beauty that looks magical against the twilight. You may not even need a filter for this one!

Street Art along the Pearl Street Mall

Nothing says “cool millennial” quite like posing in front of street art. There are some impressive pieces to be found around Pearl Street, take a stroll up and down the Mall and appreciate the local talent that transformed a bleak wall or space into a masterpiece! You don’t necessarily have to pose in front of it to get a good photo.

1100 Block Wildflowers

Vibrant colors and pretty nature are two major keys for an excellent photo! You can achieve both of those by utilizing the rows of beautiful flower beds up and down Pearl Street for a photo op. Enhance Mother Nature’s natural beauty even further with a well-curated filter, perhaps… 

13th & Pearl Buskers

Contortionists, magicians and fire-breathing bagpipe players hang around here on a daily basis. You are bound to see some type of impressive show if you stop by. There are many interesting characters that make for exquisite photo opportunities!

Yours truly,

Intern Dave

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