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Prepare Your Space for Spring

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Post Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hi Downtown Boulder Readers!

Spring is just around the corner and warmer weather is approaching. It’s almost time for spring cleaning and time to refresh your space to set you up for a successful and happiness-filled season. Every once in a while it is important to give some love to the spaces you spend the most time in, especially given the amount of time we have all spent in our homes this year. Personally, it is much harder for me to get work done and live a productive life when my home isn’t looking and feeling its best. So with that said, let me show you to a few ways downtown Boulder can help you get your space feeling spick and span in no time! 

This weekend I spent a few hours walking around downtown Boulder and enjoying the sun. While I was out and about, I made it my mission to bring home a few items that would change the mood of my room and make my days more productive, and working-from-home more enjoyable. 

With Covid still around, it is easy to get in a slump and let your space become messy and dreary, which is why I first stopped at Haven to take a look at their gorgeous candle display and inventory. I ended up purchasing the Santa Fe candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio ($38), with notes of orchid cactus and spruce. I felt that a fresh scent would make my room smell clean and remind me of the fresh start that spring brings, which helps motivate me to be productive in every aspect of my life. 

I then made it over to Terracotta Plant Shop, because I have found that bringing plants into a room is one of the key ways to make a space feel calm and fresh. I looked around for about twenty minutes debating which plant to pick, but I ended up picking a tiny Bonsai tree ($10.25). I don’t have the best track record with keeping plants alive, which is why I decided to start my plant collection with a small plant. I have had my little Bonsai tree on my desk for a couple of days and it brightens my mood every time I look at it. It feels like it almost brings a little piece of nature inside, which is great for a space when you have spent most of your time inside for the past year! 

Over the next week, I am planning on stopping at LUSH to pick up the Lemon Zest Bar Soap ($7.95). Citrus scents are great for making a space smell clean and fresh, and the soap from LUSH always doubles as cute decor for your bathroom! 

When your room doubles as a work-from-home office (like mine), it is important to make sure that you are keeping your space clean and filled with things that make you happy. For me, as you can probably tell, that means having fresh scents, candles, and plants around at all times. Hopefully some of these tips resonate and can help you reset and refresh your space for this coming spring!

Talk Soon, 



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