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School is Out, Downtown Boulder Kid Activities Are In

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Post Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

When I’m not working as Downtown Boulder’s marketing intern, I nanny two adorable boys. I love spending my summers with kids because there are so many fun activities to do. This is my first summer in Boulder, and the opportunities for kids to play and learn are endless, making my job as a nanny substantially easier.

The best way to start the day with kiddos is by hopping on the Tebo Train. The train runs from 9:30 am to 11:00 am Monday-Friday and is completely FREE. Ride in style as you enjoy the summertime air and get to see everything happening on Pearl Street Mall.*

After going on the ride of your life, it’s essential to stop by Museum of Boulder. There are numerous exhibits that are kid-friendly and interactive, making it an exciting museum experience for your little ones. My favorite exhibit is the “Pack-It-Up” where the whole family can pack supplies for unique types of trips, from packing up a wagon to go west to packing up a space shuttle to go to the moon. This exhibit is both educational and fun for all ages. The Museum of Boulder also offers terrific events and programs.

Now that the kids have filled their brains with lots of knowledge, it is time to let them express their artistic side and POSHsplat is the place to do it. You and the little ones can come in for drop-in painting or you can sign them up for the kids classes POSHsplat offers Monday through Friday. This activity will allow the kids to be creative, and you will get a beautiful and sentimental painting out of it!

At this point in the day, the Colorado sun is probably beating down on you and the kids. The perfect fix to this discomfort is the Pop Jet Fountain right on Pearl & 14th St. Let the kids splash, run around, and laugh, while you get to lunch for everyone at Ruthies Boardwalk Social. This new, stand alone restaurant is right next to the Pop Jet Fountain and has a delicious menu catering to both kids and adults. As the kids dry off, fill them up on grilled cheese and if they have been good, ice cream.

There are countless things to do with kids in downtown Boulder, these just happen to be my favorites. Whatever you end up doing with the little guys and gals will leave them with a wonderful memory of how enjoyable and exciting downtown Boulder is.


Intern Sally

*The Tebo Train is currently out for repairs.  We will post an alert on our website and social media when it is back up and running - please check back!

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