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School's Out: Where to Take your Kids in Downtown Boulder this Summer

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Post Date: Thursday, June 3, 2021


Hello all, 

Summertime is right around the corner, which means the end of the school year is here. Kids are ready to put their books down, get off of Zoom and start taking advantage of gorgeous weather in Boulder by playing outside and getting together with friends. Fortunately, downtown Boulder has you covered because it offers everything you could possibly need for you and kids of all ages to have a terrific summer experience. 

Take advantage of the sunshine and bring your children to the Creekside Play Area in  the Civic Area. The park features slides, a treehouse and a nature play area that makes it the perfect place for  children to have a great experience outside. If that were not enough, the park is right next to Boulder Creek, where kids can dip their feet in the water and explore all of the nature that is alongside the creek. The Civic Area’s Creekside playground and Boulder Creek make a great location for kids to have fun outside and discover some of the beautiful nature that Boulder has to offer. 

 Pearl Street Mall has countless opportunities for your kids to have a fantastic summer. If you are looking for an easy and exciting way to entertain your child, head down to Pearl Street Mall to ride the Tebo Train for a free ride around the mall to explore the heart of downtown Boulder. The Tebo Train runs every Monday-Friday, with the first departure at 9:30 am and the last train at 11:00 am through September 3rd. The train boards in front of the Capital One Cafe on the corner of 13th and Pearl. In order to ride, your child must be 10 or younger and accompanied by an adult.This year the Tebo Train has a variety of safety precautions in place that make the train safe for passengers of all ages. You can find specific information about the safety measures here

Summer is the perfect time for kids to get outside and try a new activity.  Into the Wind  specializes in kites and other wind activities that are simple and enjoyable for kids of all ages. They have kites in the shape of eagles, flamingos, stars and many other creative designs. Into the Wind also offers kites that are made for certain functions such as: speed, power, gliding and stunt kites. In addition, if your child wants a different type of toy, Into the Wind offers a variety for all ages. They even have some of the toys and games that I loved playing outside in the summer like stomp rockets, water balloons, RC airplanes and other toys. Into the Wind also has newer toys and games that I would have enjoyed playing with such as: a build your own robot kit, LEGO Gadget set, Liqui-Fly Hydro Space-Rocket and plenty of other games that your child is sure to love. 

If your child is like me, there will be plenty of stops for ice cream and candy whenever we get the chance. The good news is that downtown Boulder has tons of tasty shops to satisfy s sugar needs. For candy, head to Rocket Fizz on the Pearl Street Mall that has every type of candy imaginable and will definitely satisfy your child’s candy craving. The first time I walked into Rocket Fizz I was blown away by the wall to wall assortment of gummies, taffy and unique soda flavors. After walking around the store overwhelmed by the amount of candy, I decided on a variety of taffy flavors. Each flavor was delicious, but my favorites are their super tasty cherry cola and sour apple flavors.  If you’re looking for ice cream, go to one of the two Gelato Boy locations on the mall or the west end. Gelato Boy features a range of delicious flavors made daily that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. If you love chocolate I recommend trying my go to flavor chocolate fudge brownie that features rich chocolate gelato mixed with gooey brownies pieces and chocolate fudge. However, each flavor Gelato Boy has looks unbelievable, which makes Gelato Boy the perfect place to get  summertime dessert. 

Make sure to bring your children to downtown Boulder to have an amazing summer experience!

All the best, 

Jacob S. 

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