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See You Later Downtown Boulder!

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Post Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I truly cannot believe I am at the end of this experience with Downtown Boulder and my college career. What a treat it was to work with this wonderful organization in my last internship as an undergrad. The passion and dedication of the team I worked with will ruin me forever as I search for an job with the same warm and charismatic culture as the Downtown Boulder Partnership.

If I were to describe what I enjoyed most about this internship it would be being a part of an organization that does nothing but work to enrich the Boulder community and bring it closer together.

At the beginning of my internship, I immediately recognized how important the work that DBP does. Seeing business owners, city officials and community members alike come together for DBP’s Annual Luncheon was so inspiring. I could tell immediately how passionate the people in Boulder are about their community. With so many changes happening around town, you know the future is safe in the hands of these people who care so much about the success of Boulder.

Ending my internship working Taste of Pearl was the perfect conclusion. Experiencing people from all corners of Colorado coming together to participate and volunteer for Taste of Pearl, you can feel their commitment to this community. Over 700 people enjoyed Downtown Boulder, and all it had to offer on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was amazed by how many people raved about this event and was thrilled to see how busy the Pearl Street Mall was as hundreds of people enjoyed the amazing beds of tulips. It was great to see a blend of tourists, Taste of Pearl participants, and volunteers enjoying the lovely day.

I’ve been so inspired by this community and have learned so much!

It’s been a semester of more steps than my Fitbit could count, endless photos of downtown and an overall amazing experience with the Downtown Boulder Partnership.

I just want to thank Terri for encouraging me for the last three years to apply for this internship, I am so glad I finally made it on board.

And to Marissa for her constant creativity and for her mentorship.

Follow along with me as I figure out the next steps of my journey @anna__lic on Instagram.

I’ll see you around.


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