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Spend a Winter Day Downtown With Us!

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View of Downtown Boulder's East End

Post Date: Monday, February 6, 2023

Hey Downtown,

This past weekend, I decided to take a break from my studies and head out to Pearl Street with my best friend, Amanda. It was a beautiful day to soak up winter vibes and visit some local spots to shop and dine. Follow along to hear about the dreamy day we had together (and gather some ideas for your next weekend downtown)!

Since we can’t start our day without some beverages to keep us warm, we popped by The Laughing Goat to order our all-time favorite spicy chai lattes. We sat at a table with our drinks and chatted about where we wanted to visit downtown. Energized by the chai and ready with a plan, it was time to start our adventure.

Since we were already on the East End, we began at  Sherpani and browsed their adorable bags, wallets and travel accessories. I recently lost my wallet (nice one Emma!) so I decided to purchase their lavender Tulum version, which contains 13 pockets for different cards and is made out of ten plastic water bottles diverted from landfills. I love supporting businesses like Sherpani that prioritize sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

Amanda loves thrift shopping, so our next stop had to be Apocalypse. She found a vintage pair of Levi’s that she had been looking for for years, and I found a brown leather jacket that wouldn’t break the bank but also was classy and cute. Apocalypse is another business that promotes eco-aligned buying choices though second-hand shopping, so we always love supporting them. We happily walked away with our lucky finds!

Since Amanda and I were on a shopping roll, we hit the bricks (aka Pearl Street Mall) and headed to Elison Rd to find some more winter pieces. I immediately grabbed the “White Drea Cable Sweater”- a cute, trendy sweater for every season. Amanda snatched the “Blue Check Me Out Cardigan” to style with a simple black dress. The workers at the boutique were so helpful and even helped us pick out some cute pieces. Amanda and I adored Elison Rd and definitely will be coming back for more shopping!

Next, our noses led us to Lush Cosmetics to look for their best-selling Scrubee Body Butter. Nothing compares to all the different scents and colors waiting inside this store. We were ecstatic to find just what we were looking for. Made of fair-trade shea butter that softens the skin and ground almonds that gently exfoliate, their body butter leaves my skin feeling glowy and hydrated. 

Since we worked up quite the appetite while shopping, we decided to end the day on the West End at Rosetta Hall (on Walnut Street). My go-to soul food is the Pad Thai from the Chiang Mai dining station. The lovely high ceilings and modern interior of the space create a great vibe (and make for cute Instagram pictures)!  We sat at the bar to sip on some espresso martinis and debrief about our fun day downtown. We are already planning where to go next time!

Catch you later, Boulder!


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