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Stay Warm My Friends

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Post Date: Monday, October 14, 2019

This semester has really flown by for me, especially since Boulder just had its first snow of the season. NOW, it’s supposed to snow more this weekend - so that means it’s really time to start dressing in layers. I’m spending a lot of time downtown so I know the perfect places to find winter jackets and other gear, because who couldn’t use more options to survive the cold that’s coming our way?! 

There are plenty of great places downtown that supply warm gear, one of my favorites is The North Face. They offer jackets with all sorts of special features like thermo hoodies, fleece jackets and long parkas. This store is perfect for “the modern day explorer” who is looking for something to stay warm while staying stylish. I remember growing up The North Face’s Osito Jacket or their Denali Jacket - which are both furry fleeces with fur on the outside of the jacket - were popular with my friends. All of The North Face’s jackets are available in lots of fun colors making it even more exciting to purchase a necessity like a winter coat!

I love going inside Red Fox Outdoor Equipment because not only do they have apparel, but they also have lots of travel gear, like sleeping bags and backpacks. Red Fox offers jackets in four categories: insulated, waterproof shell, soft shell and casual. Their jackets are meant to be worn out in the coldest of conditions - as their goal is “to make being outside comfortable, and the inhospitable bearable.” They offer technical gear for hiking and snowshoeing, so you really can’t go wrong stopping in for winter gear here!

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Patagonia. Besides their large selection of winter apparel, Patagonia also strives to “make the best products doing the least harm.” I think it’s awesome that their  jackets are made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. Patagonia’s offerings include jackets for everything - rainwear, windbreakers, skiing, climbing, hard shell and more. In early November Patagonia will be moving their store to a new location on Pearl Street’s East End. This will make downtown the home to the largest Patagonia anywhere! And, their old location on the Bricks will re-open as Patagonia Worn Wear. A concept store selling gently used goods. This will be Patagonia’s first brick & mortar space for their Worn Wear shop. It is a great effort to cut down on consumption and get more use out of the stuff we already own. I can’t wait to check it out! 

I hope this gave you an idea on where to buy winter apparel for this season. Even more shopping options exist downtown; check out our apparel page here. Also keep warm with some hot cocoa or apple cider from The Laughing Goat (my personal favorite), I know I’ll be! 


Stay Warm My Friends, 

Intern Alicia

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