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Local Downtown Businesses that "Give" Boulder

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Howdy, downtown!

Starting as a social media trend, “giving” has become a term for describing someone or something's appearance, aura, or vibe. I wanted to tell you about some downtown businesses that “give” Boulder!

For all of my homemade foodies, check out Peppercorn for almost any kitchen need. It is packed with cookbooks, utensils, appliances and even pre-made recipes. The most Boulder part of Peppercorn is their animal-themed products, such as salt/pepper shakers, silly dish towels and other “punny” kitchen decorations! 

Downtown’s Into the Wind gives Boulder in the most colorful display of kites, rainbow designs and weather interaction products! Also known as, Colorado’s largest kite store, Into the Wind has nearly any animal, shape or design you can think of. I recently got a crystal sunlight catcher that reflects rainbows in the sunlight, and with over 300 sunny days in Boulder, it always looks super neat.

My favorite store that “gives'' Boulder is Art Source International because I am always so entertained by their Colorado-style designs. Their store is full of maps, posters, puzzles and postcards of places worldwide, from historical maps to specific destinations, and uniquely represents Boulder. 

If you become inspired after your trip to Art Source International, check out Two Hands Paperie to get crafty with your designs! Boulder “gives” great creative vibes and Two Hands Paperie hosts classes and free events where you can explore your artistic side. You can buy and/or make decorative cards, books, and unique gifts for Colorado lovers! 

One last place that “gives” Boulder is Trident Booksellers and Cafe. Grabbing a drink at the coffee bar, browsing the bookstore, and enjoying the inside or outside patio are great ways to experience downtown Boulder life. Whether you are just getting off of work or studying, Trident is a comfortable place to absorb the downtown Boulder atmosphere! 

There are many ways to experience Boulder, so I hope these downtown businesses “give” great memories! 

See you around,


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