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Today I am Grateful

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Post Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

This time of the year always inspires me to step back and reflect on things that I am grateful for. This year especially I am grateful to the downtown Boulder community for curating an environment unlike anywhere else, some place that truly feels like home. I feel privileged to live in such an incredible community where there is something for everyone to enjoy, an abundance of delicious food and drink options, events that bring the community together, and a beautiful city to learn and create in. I want to highlight five things downtown that I am grateful for and embody the lively downtown community.  

I am grateful for a place to gather downtown with both friends and family and share traditions and gratitudes with one another. Each year my family meets at Japango for lunch the day before Thanksgiving Day. It is a time for us to connect over delicious food and share stories of our year. I am grateful for this tradition that my family has and also grateful for the wonderful bento boxes Japango serves for lunch!

I am grateful for a place to enjoy beautiful weather and farm fresh, local, food and drink. There is nothing quite like sitting in Central Park by the Dushanbe Teahouse on a warm, sunny fall day while the Saturday Boulder Farmers Market is happening! I love going to the farmers market in search of fresh, locally harvested fall vegetables and enjoying the food served at the farmers market. Enjoy the last few farmers markets of the year before they end on November 17th!

I am grateful to have a special place to create and get work done. I love heading over to Alpine Modern to work on projects, escape the craziness of campus, and enjoy a space where creativity pluses through the building, I constantly feel inspired when I walk through the door. (The abundance of coffee definitely helps the creative juices as well!)

I am grateful for new and exciting restaurants popping up downtown like Ruthie’s Boardwalk Social which just opened and serves the most amazing grilled cheese! If you haven’t tried Ruthie’s yet definitely check it out I recommend the Mac Daddy or the Classic both accompanied with the killer tomato soup they serve!

Lastly, I am grateful for the ability to move my body and be active! I am grateful that the downtown community encourages movement and activity so heavily. I love to head over to Bulldog Yoga and catch one of their classes influenced by moving to music, power, and breath. Being able to be active is something that I take for granted easily, but this time of this year it is something I am reflecting on and am grateful for! Get out and move with one of Bulldog Yoga’s energetic classes.

This year let's remember to step back and take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for. Learning, working and spending time downtown makes me realize what an incredible community I reside in. I will always be grateful to live in such an extraordinary place, with so much to offer. Today and everyday I am grateful.


Intern Emma 

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