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Treat Yourself or Others!

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Post Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Hi Downtown!

This morning, I was stuck on what to explore and write about this week. As I was walking along East Pearl, I wandered into a shop and I was immediately greeted by one of my favorite things-stickers! This prompted me to explore what stores had along the lines of stationary, clothing, jewelry and anything having to do with nature. I wanted to visit several shops that had these items that you or I could buy for ourselves (self care is important) or others!

My first stop for the day was Mount Inspiration. When I walked in,  I found wonderful displays full of stickers, natural soap, outdoor themed shirts and more! My eyes were glued to the abundance of outdoorsy stickers and clothing. They had either a comical slogan or elegant  work done in one color and everything was breathtaking. As luck would have it, I met the shop owner, Evan, and got to watch him prepare to make a graphic t-shirt. Evan is a great person who is dedicated to his work and the quality of his designs. I highly recommend this shop for those looking for stickers and soft, yet funny graphic t-shirts. 

Several stacks stickers sit on a wooden table


My second stop was Bliss. This shop felt like I had walked into a fairytale forest. The lovely decorated space had everything from bridal shower items to plants and plant-themed gifts and even stationary! They had cards, journals and the smallest and cutest note pads (if you can’t tell already, I’m a sucker for stationary). Their journals were of varying sizes and patterns and I also found a few planners in the bunch. They also had beautiful jewelry on display in the middle of the shop. All the pieces were made with amazing craftsmanship and some pieces were made locally. This shop has a “mom and pop” feel while also being right on trend.

Various journals and notebooks with patterns on the covers are displayed on a wooden display


The final shop I visited was Lunieva. This shop caught my eyes not because of the small size but large inventory it holds. When I went into chat with them, I was told I had missed the owner by just a few minutes. The staff was super friendly. The clothes and the knitted wool items were made in Kathmandu, Nepal. The clothing in particular are made by women who receive fair pay for their items and time. This store also has amazing pieces of jewelry including earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings! These items were beautifully put together and are incredibly unique. The silver work on the rings was nothing I’ve ever seen before and I know that if I were to be gifted one, I would cherish it forever. 

Various hats and mittens that are handmade are displayed


I hope these shops interest everyone and give y'all ideas on gifts to buy yourself or others. All of the shops I visited today are a mixture of class, outdoorsy, and homebody. There are so many more unique stores around downtown and I’m excited to explore them all! If anyone has recommendations, reach out via email at .

See you soon,



You can follow Mount Inspiration on Instagram @mount_inspiration and Bliss can be found @blissboulder 



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