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Tulip Watch!

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Post Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018

It’s springtime in Downtown Boulder. How can we tell? Tulips all along Pearl Street are beginning to bloom! We know you’re all just as excited as we are for the tulips, so here’s our tulip watch update! With the warm weather this week in Boulder, we’re placing our bets on peak tulip time spanning from April 15th to the 22nd. Some areas on the mall are blooming quicker than others, so you’ll be sure to happen upon a few blossoming flower beds over the next few weeks! And if you’re joining us on Sunday April 29th for Taste of Pearl, you’ll be in for a treat, we hope many of the tulips will be out by then (tickets at!

Here are some photos of our beautiful tulips to hold you over until you can come down and see them yourself!

Tulips near Pedestrian Shops and Starbucks

Tulips near Pedestrian Shops and Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

Tulips near West Flanders and Hapa Sushi


Happy Tulip Thursday


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