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Used is Better

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Post Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

In recent years the act of “thrifting” has become hugely popular. The used items trend could be attributed to Macklemore’s 2012 hit song “Thrift Shop”, the hipster fashion craze, or the influential green movement. Whatever the reason, thrifting has become one of my favorite things to do. Thrifting is like a game to me. It is so satisfying to discover a diamond in the rough, and then only pay half of what it’s worth. Downtown Boulder has some awesome stores to get prime secondhand items. 

When thrifting, a store you must go to is Buffalo Exchange. There you’ll find a wild costume for a theme party, or a casual everyday outfit. Whenever I shop at consignment stores, I go a little overboard. I always think that since the merchandise is less expensive compared to other stores, I can buy everything. To solve this issue, whenever I go to Buffalo Exchange I bring in old clothes in exchange for store credit. This way I repurpose my old clothes, Buffalo Exchange gets new items, and I spend less on my shopping trip! Win, win, win!

Another great secondhand clothing store is Crossroads Trading. Find super stylish pieces at shockingly low prices. Similarly to Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading allows customers to sell their clothing for cash or trade. In fact, Crossroads Trading makes selling super easy by giving customers 4 options: in store, drop-off, consignment, and mail. Whether you buy, sell, or trade at Crossroads Trading, you will have a great experience.

If you love antique (vintage) items, go check out Classic Facets. This jewelry store on the West End offers over 20,000 beautiful pieces from the 1700s through the 1940s. Each item is unique and has a rich history. With consignors bringing in new jewelry everyday, exploring Classic Facets’ selection is endlessly exciting. 

Clothing and jewelry aren’t the only things you can get second hand, books are another great option for bookworms out there that want to save a buck. Red Letter Secondhand Books and Trident Booksellers and Cafe are fantastic spots to browse for books to add to your collection. I think we can all agree that books look best when they are old and gently loved with wear, so buying these books will give your bookshelf a nice, sophisticated look. Stop in at either of these shops to give these pieces of literature a new home! 

Thrifting is a wonderful activity that can help your bank account, as well as save the planet. By buying items secondhand, you are making a positive impact on the environment by decreasing the amount of clothing in landfills, reducing the number of resources used and wasted, and producing less pollution. Downtown Boulder businesses make it super easy and appealing to shop second hand, so go out and support these local shops!


Intern Sally

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