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Wandering on the West End!

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Hey downtown, I hope you are enjoying spring! 

Since Colorado is the best of the West, why not wander to Downtown Boulder’s own West End? Here are some must-see businesses for snacks, sips, sweets and shopping!

For a modern twist on decorative houseware and the newest fashions, check out Cedar and Hide Mercantile. Their adorable pottery and accessories make a house feel like home. Their latest spring clothing collection is also inspired by the “black crane,” a beautiful shade of yellow that reminds me of Boulder sunshine! 

As a sweet treat lover, Piece, Love, and Chocolate have my heart. Their cocoa jungle atmosphere and cacao bean decorations enhance the traditional cafe experience. They also have a great variety of cookies, pastries, cakes and other seasonal desserts to accompany their specialty beverages. And, of course, their homemade dark chocolates are my favorite. 

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! Amante Coffee is a lovely cafe off the bricks that is the home to one of my favorite vanilla lattes. Their beautiful outdoor patio has hosted many of my latte and study sessions this semester and will continue to do so this  summer. 

Since tacos are my favorite food, I have found my favorites downtown at Centro Mexican Kitchen. I am a returning customer of their taco boards, and I specifically recommend their Pork Cochinita. However, you can’t go wrong with any of their plates because of their authentic Mexican recipes! 

Next time your downtown, follow the Rockies and check out these lovely local Businesses!

Talk to you soon!


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