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Steven Dunn and Katie Jean Shinkle -- "Tannery Bay"

Category: Literary

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Steven Dunn and Katie Jean Shinkle will speak about and sign their new book, "Tannery Bay," on Saturday, March 9th at 4:00pm, at Boulder Bookstore. They will be joined by poets lauren samblanet and Paula Rose for this special event. Tickets for this event are $5 (plus a small processing fee) and are available on Eventbrite.

About the Book:
Enter a world where time stands still and summer never ends. In the enchanted town of Tannery Bay, it’s July 37, and then July 2 again, but the year is a mystery. Trapped in an eternal loop, the residents embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, unity, and defiance against the forces that seek to divide them.

Otis and Joy, intrepid siblings, work with their family and friends to oppose a formidable adversary: The Owners. These cunning and ruthless old men, driven by insatiable greed, hold the town hostage, exploiting its resources and dividing its people. In this powerful #OwnVoices narrative, "Tannery Bay" is a captivating tale of Black Joy and Queer Joy and the ways in which family is both biological and chosen, where love transcends boundaries, and where art is a vehicle for change.


*Tickets are $5 (plus a small processing fee).

*A coupon good for $5 off a copy of "Tannery Bay," or a purchase on the day of the event is included with your ticket. You will receive this coupon at the event.