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Taspen's Organics Wellness

Category: Health / Beauty


1625 Pearl St View on Google Maps
Boulder, CO 80302


Taspen's Organics is not just another skin care and wellness company. They are on a mission to make their customers healthier. They are committed to healthy skin, body and healthy people.

Their story: 

Co-owner and founder, Heather Baruch worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a Denver hospital for many years. Helping others has always been her passion! From a young age, she would volunteer for Meals on Wheels, bake goodies for the local nursing home residents and rake leaves for the elderly.

After years of inner ear congestion and endless visits to multiple doctors and toxic prescription medications, she became intrigued by the holistic approach. She decided to make a change and seek other natural therapies. During her consultation with an herbalist, she discovered she had candida, an overgrowth of yeast in the body that had been presenting as plugged ears on and off for over 3 years! Finally, she received the answer that would progress her life to eventually procuring Taspen’s Organics.

Shortly after finding out how to address her ailment, she began her new regime of avoiding sugars and processed foods and detoxing her body with specific herbs and oils from the candida takeover. The success of detoxing the candida, brought about a profound interest in nutrition, herbs and natural healing. She decided to take courses to complete a Master Herbalist Certification while working as an RN at the hospital.

Knowing what she knows today, after all her training and experience with clients, she understands why the medications didn’t help. They didn’t address the root cause of the condition she suffered from.

With her new found excitement of how plant-based elements really work to bring the body to homeostasis, and being more aware of toxic food fillers in most products, Heather started reading the ingredients listed on organic and natural skin care products in the health food stores. Appalled to find out that these products still contained toxic ingredients, this prompted her to start making a few products for herself and her family.

This was the very beginning of Taspen’s Organics.

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