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Downtown Boulder Foundation launches Community Advisory Board

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Downtown leaders seeks to expand representation and community engagement

For Immediate Release

Boulder, CO [October 27, 2020] - The Downtown Boulder Foundation (DBF) is launching a Community Advisory Board. Board members will serve a one year term beginning in January 2021, and will collectively explore solutions and programs that increase community engagement and promote inclusivity within the downtown district.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” 20th-century urbanist and sociologist, Jane Jacobs wrote those words more than half a century ago. Today those words are as relevant and important as ever. The (DBF) Board of Directors recognizes a responsibility to expand their understanding of stakeholders if downtown Boulder is to serve as the community's civic, cultural, economic, and social center.

As communities everywhere have accelerated work in creating meaningful inclusivity and opportunities that advance equity, the DBF board and staff, will work in partnership with Boulder-based  Equity Consultants of Colorado to form the inaugural board.  “We’re striving to create a diverse and inclusive selection of candidates which represent the voice of the community,” said Chip, CEO of Downtown Boulder. “Our selection process will aim to select members from various people groups that are often left out of decisions that impact underrepresented communities.” 

Applications for the inaugural Community Advisory Board are being accepted through Friday, November 6, 2020. Those interested in participating in this year-long cohort can learn more at

About the Downtown Boulder Foundation

The Downtown Boulder Foundation (DBF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in 2017 to support the civic and cultural strength of downtown Boulder. DBF's mission is to produce and support diverse and impactful experiences fostering community engagement. The foundation provides funding and assistance facilitating public art, historic preservation projects, and community events.  Staff and volunteers produce over two dozen annual events focused on arts, culture, family entertainment, and supporting local businesses.  In addition, the foundation supports other community events that enhance downtown including the Boulder International Film Festival, University of Colorado Pearl Street Stampedes, and the Adventure Film Festival.

Media Contact: Terri Takata-Smith,VP of Marketing & Communications, 303-449=3774
Community Advisory Board / DBF Contacts: Chip, CEO  and Anna Salim, VP of Events and Membership, 303-449-3774