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Connie Brenton’s mom, Barbara, and dad, Stan, met and married in Boulder some 69 years ago. From helping found the Dinner Theater to her dad’s work at the hospital as a surgeon, Connie’s ties to Boulder go back to long before she was born here. Boulder is in her heart and soul. It's where she attended high school, raised her family and built a successful second career as a lawyer. 

One of her most beloved ties to the Boulder community began in 1989 when she founded Art Mart, a unique co-op designed to provide local artists with a place to sell their handmade goods. Today, Art Mart is a go-to shopping destination for locals and visitors alike, offering a variety of items including artwork by locals and more, jewelry, souvenirs, t-shirts, more novelty socks than you can imagine and home goods. "I love people and working in a job that is all about delighting customers. I love helping people grow their skills and careers and creating community".

Growing up in an artistic household deeply influenced Connie's vision for Art Mart. “Two of my sisters are artists—one is a painter and the other makes jewelry and both sell their work at Art Mart. My parents raised us in a home that embraced the arts, which has impacted me my entire life. My mother is a CU graduate has been involved with the CU music school for years. When I started Art Mart, I wanted to create a place that embraced small artists and allowed them to share their work, as well as to create a shopping experience that delights our customers. I am passionate about small businesses and women-owned businesses. Art Mart has given me the opportunity to uplift handmade, U.S.-made, locally made and women-made items as part of our diverse offerings.”

Boulder is more than just a hometown for Connie - it's her family. “Art Mart originally opened in the same location where Savannah Bee is today. At the time, we also owned a restaurant called Potter’s across the way. My children would run back and forth between our businesses. Over the years, my children, their children, my sisters and friends have worked for Art Mart. My kids were raised on the Pearl Street Mall, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

The sense of community in Boulder is another reason Connie has chosen to anchor her life here. “Just like our neighbors, local businesses watch out for one another. The downtown businesses dedicate ourselves to creating an amazing experience for locals and visitors alike. It’s such an innovative, forward-thinking town with an emphasis on outdoor activities and healthy living. It is a wonderful place to be, to have a business and to raise a family.”

To support the continued success of Art Mart and the entire downtown community, Connie encourages the locals and tourists to visit the Pearl Street Mall, to support local businesses and the work of local artists. “Shop local! That is the number one thing everyone can do to support our business community. Bring your friends down to the Mall and spread positive word of mouth about downtown. The more vibrant we can make the area, the more all of us will find success.”

Connie’s business embraces and is driven by a passion for uplifting other women and local creators. She employs a diverse team of Boulder community members, from high school students to retirees. Next time you are in the area, stop by this hometown favorite and see for yourself why it has been a downtown Boulder staple for more than 30 years!

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"It is a wonderful place to be, to have a business and to raise a family.”

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