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When Bliss opened on the East End of Pearl Street back in 2005, its mission was a simple one: bring delightful products to the local community. Almost 18 years later, Bliss is still fulfilling this purpose. From quirky goods and beautiful jewelry to a wide selection of funny and sweet cards, Bliss is the ultimate destination for gift shopping.

Business partners Michelle Vargo and Hanna Harem started as sales associates at Bliss, and then the two became store managers for many years (Michelle for nine, Hannah for 11). When the opportunity arose to become owners, they did not hesitate to step into the new roles. “We are the third generation of local owners. We’ve been female-owned since the beginning, though,” said Michelle. “This store has always been a really tight-knit community of creative women. I knew for a long time that I eventually wanted to own it.”

The original owner, Heather Vermeer, initially owned a jewelry business in Denver. When she moved to Boulder, she designed Bliss as a gift boutique. “Heather started off by doing a lot of antiquing. Since we began, we’ve brought in a ton of local brands and served as a launchpad for local artisans. We focus on selling Boulder local and Colorado local as much as possible.”

Over the years, Michelle has come to love Boulder for its sense of community. “The number of locally-owned stores has only continued to grow. Boulder is so unique in its strong support of small businesses, and I love that downtown has stayed primarily local.”

To support Bliss, come into the store and see all the unique goods for yourself. “Have a laugh at some cards, and explore our wide variety of home goods and accessories. Follow us on social media (@blissboulder) and tell your friends about us!”

Sometimes, you arrive at a place and know it is meant to be. For Michelle and Hanna, they knew Bliss was special back when they began as associates. As third-generation owners, they maintain the playful spirit the store was born with. Next time you need a snarky card or a sweet gift, shop local and support this small, women-owned business!

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Why Downtown?

Boulder is so unique in its strong support of small businesses, and I love that downtown has stayed primarily local.

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