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Cedar & Hyde

headshot of Christie Lambert

Christie Lambert grew up in Kansas City surrounded by six siblings and a family-run business. She spent her childhood driving in a van around a 25 mile radius of the city, helping her father sell small items and trinkets to convenience stores around town. Rack of sunglasses? Christie restocked them. Unlabeled items? Christie put price tags on them. She grew up working from the time she could walk, and she gained a strong love in her heart for the “little guys” trying to make their way in the world.

Over the years, she and her sisters talked about starting a business venture together, but the
timing never seemed quite right. Christie moved to Boulder in 1997, and by the time she and her sister decided to open the store 16 years later Christie felt she had a strong sense of what Boulder was missing and was ready to dive into the world of Boulder retail. “I had done a lot of traveling and became super inspired by artisans doing great things around the world," said Christie. "I wanted my town to have a special shop just like those I fell in love with on my travels."

After convincing her sister, Poss, to make the move from California to Colorado, they opened Cedar & Hyde in October 2013 on Pearl Street’s West End. In 2016, they launched their online business, and in 2018 opened a Home store directly next door to the Apparel store. “When we first opened, the store was all in one space. We carried a wide variety of items from women’s clothing and menswear to food and baby products. Poss and I had an agreement from the beginning that we would let the business speak for itself. That meant that we would give more space to the better performing items. Hence why, menswear, baby products and specialty food items eventually fell away."

Initially, Poss wanted to open the store in California. “But I knew that the Boulder community would support us, so I really pushed to have the business here. I wanted to be a little bit off the bricks to better service the community of locals and those willing to purchase specialty items. The people who live here really support small businesses. We couldn’t do what we do without our incredible community.” Before opening the store, Christie and Poss talked a lot about community and how important it was to them to bring that aspect into the space. “When we were designing the brand, we wanted to focus on sourcing from small artisans. Their products carry such a special energy and are infused with so much love and care. It’s always been ingrained in me that if you support the community at a wider level, you’ll be supported back. It’s an honor to uplift smaller and women-owned businesses.”

To support Cedar & Hyde, come by the storefronts or peruse their items online and follow them on social media @cedarandhyde. “It’s important for me to do whatever I can to best support my customers. I love to offer them the best quality items they count on us for.” From childhood, Christie has valued small businesses and supporting the little guy. From helping her dad sell items to convenient stores to her own storefront filled with artisan goods, she has learned the value of loving the local. Step off the bricks and say hi next time you find yourself downtown!

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Why Downtown?

I knew that the Boulder community would support us, so I really pushed to have the business here.

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