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Storefront of Peppercorn

Appropriately called “the Smithsonian of Cookstores,” Peppercorn has become one of the most iconic downtown shopping destinations of all time. It all began back in 1977 when Doris Houghland opened a small cooking school with her friend in the old Siena Square building. After a few years of teaching, she began to notice that most questions were not about the food but about the cooking utensils. “Where did you get this spatula? Where is this pan from?” Five years later, Doris moved into the current location of Peppercorn and began selling cookware. The rest is history!

Fast forward to 1998, Janice Manville was looking for work on Pearl Street. Her husband had just opened the Lighthouse Bookstore, and she wanted a nearby job within the strong community. “Right around the time I started working at Peppercorn (nearly 24 years ago), Doris closed the cooking school and began to exclusively focus on kitchenware and household items. I joined the team, and I’ve never left.”

Located in a 12,000 square foot storefront in the heart of the Pearl Street Mall, Peppercorn offers a wide selection of appliances, kitchen gadgets, imported goods, cookbooks and so much more. “Our number one department of goods is definitely cookware. However, we also sell tons of cookbooks, linens and other home items. Peppercorn is like an independently owned and operated department store on the Mall - we are such a unique space that has remained true to itself for over 35 years.”

Another special aspect of Peppercorn is the staff. “Doris still works in the store almost five days a week. She really builds a loyal group of knowledgeable, dedicated employees. Many people have worked in the store for 10, 20 or even 30 years. So when you go into the store and need assistance, you can trust that the staff is able to guide you with experience.”

Peppercorn has only expanded in scope and size since its original opening. “Boulder is such an incredible place. Downtown businesses are supported by both locals and tourists, and the sheer number of small businesses is a testament to the strong and supportive community.”

To continue to support the success of Peppercorn, stop in the iconic storefront and meet the knowledgeable staff. You can also find Peppercorn items online, or give the gift of a gift card. “From simple to elegant, Peppercorn offers something for everyone’s style.”

Follow them on social media (@peppercornboulder) to see the latest products and deals. And next time you are downtown, explore the huge variety of cookware and household items available in the historic store. You’ll likely find something you didn’t even know you needed. 

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Downtown businesses are supported by both locals and tourists, and the sheer number of small businesses is a testament to the strong and supportive community.

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