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Frasca Food and Wine

photo of Frasca team

Nestled in the sub-alpine region of northeastern Italy sits Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This beautiful and culturally diverse area is home to long-lasting traditions, especially ones with food. Traditionally, at the beginning of harvest season, Frascas (informal gathering places for friends and family to come together and share food and drink) popped up around the neighborhood. Those operating Frascas placed a branch above the doorway to signify all were welcome to come inside. When the harvest ended and the branch withered, Frascas closed their doors until next season.

Flashback to 2000, Bobby Stuckey moved from Aspen (where he worked as a sommelier at The Little Nell restaurant) to work with world-renowned chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in Yountville, California. During this time, he met his future business partner (and chef) Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. They decided to open up a restaurant together drawing inspiration from Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the tradition of Frascas. Passionate about outdoor lifestyles, excited about the foodie scene in Boulder and comforted by family members nearby, the duo opened Frasca Food and Wine on the East End of Pearl Street in 2004.

“Frasca is a community-style restaurant. You can come in any day and sit at the bar to order pasta, or you can dine from our four-course menu to celebrate a special occasion,” said Alicia Harmon, Executive Coordinator. Over the years, Frasca Food and Wine has earned impressive accolades, thanks in part to Bobby receiving his Master Sommelier Diploma in 2004. “We are honored to have won multiple James Beard Foundation Awards for Excellence including, the 2008 Best Chef Southwest Award, 2013 Outstanding Wine Service and 2019 Outstanding Service.”

In 2011, Frasca’s family expanded to include an artisan pizzeria. “Bobby and Lachlan decided to purchase the space next door to Frasca and open Pizzeria Locale (now, Pizzeria Alberico), a Napolese pizza restaurant. The two wanted to provide opportunities for expansion and growth for legacy employees at Frasca, as well as offer a more casual dining option for locals and tourists alike.”

Both Frasca and Pizzeria Alberico are heavily involved with the local Boulder community. “Since COVID, Bobby helped found the Independent Restaurant Commission. He is passionate about educating people on how restaurants operate and their impact on the larger community - from vendors to farmers to truck drivers. Really, restaurants are the cornerstone piece to communities. Keep them in mind when making local decisions.” As a result of his incredible efforts during COVID, the Downtown Boulder Partnership presented Bobby with their Ron Porter Special Achievement Award in 2021.

Frasca and Pizzeria Alberico also donate proceeds to local organizations like Restore Colorado and Sophie’s Neighborhood. Keep up with the latest food news on their social media channels (@frascafoodwine) and (@pizzeriaalberico), and think of them the next time you are planning to grab a quick bite or celebrate a big occasion. After all, Frasca’s branch is always hanging just above the door.

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