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Starfish Jewelry

Elizabeth Yodice has felt drawn to jewelry her entire life. After living in Boulder for many years, she became a connoisseur and avid admirer of Starfish Jewelry. So when owner Alex Rogers offered up the store for sale in May 2021, ten years after it originally opened, Elizabeth knew she had to take a leap of faith.

“I had 20+ years of experience in corporate management, but the retail side of the industry was really new. However, my life-long love of jewelry and my desire to get out of an office setting pushed me to take a chance and purchase Starfish Jewelry,” said Elizabeth.

While the long-standing establishment has changed owners, Elizabeth values maintaining the integrity and vision of its original owner. “Alex’s mission was to bring in a variety of jewelry lines from individual designers - primarily handcrafted and with a focus on Colorado-based artists. The goal is to really promote the spirit of the artists, and this is a focus I will uphold.”

Elizabeth is expanding Starfish Jewelry’s reach in the community. “There is a significant population of younger residents here in Boulder. I’m working to integrate more jewelry lines that are popular with a younger demographic into our collection, while still upholding the vision of Alex.”

When it comes to customers, Elizabeth is delighted by the mix of tourists and locals. “One of the really unique things about Boulder is the customer base. During the summer, downtown welcomes a lot of out-of-town visitors. But when travel slows down, there are many loyal local customers that really keep the business going year-round. I am grateful for the number of people who have stopped by this past year and are genuinely delighted that Starfish Jewelry is still experiencing success, which is a wonderful feeling.”

Outside of loyal patrons, Elizabeth has also found a love of all things local in downtown. “There is a wonderful community feel here in the downtown district. Other small business owners are incredibly friendly, like my neighbor Japango. And on warm days, I can talk to my friend, Mike, who sells hotdogs from Freddie’s Hot Dogs cart across the mall.”

One of the best ways to support Starfish Jewelry is by stopping in the store in person. “We have new lines of jewelry all the time, so even if you aren’t looking to buy that day, be sure to swing by and see the latest offerings.” You can follow them on social media (@starfishjewelryllc) and leave positive reviews online.

Taking a leap of faith is a huge risk, but for Elizabeth, it has more than paid off. She is able to pursue a career through her life-long love of jewelry in the vibrant downtown community of Boulder. 

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Why Downtown?

There is a wonderful community feel here in the downtown district. Other small business owners are incredibly friendly.

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