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The Post Chicken & Beer

Chicken and beer on table

Dave Query, owner and operator of the Big Red F Restaurant Group, is always looking for creative ways to provide great food and deliver great times to customers. Back in 2014, he had a new idea - what if he created his own brewery to service all his restaurants? And if he was going to have craft beer, why not make some fried chicken and comfort food to join? 

The Post Chicken & Beer was initially born just down the road from Boulder in Lafayette in 2014, then in 2017 a downtown location was added (joining the other well established  Big Red F restaurants in the district: Centro, Jax Fish House and West End Tavern). 7. “I worked with Dave to open our original location, and I’ve been a partner with Big Red F for a really long time. I used to work as the head chef at Zolo, so I was thrilled about the opportunity to continue to work with Dave as the Director of Operations for The Post,” said Brett Smith.

The Post serves classic comfort food including delicious, bone-in fried chicken (which happens to be gluten free), cheddar biscuits and sides to share with your friends. “Our goal is to create an amazing customer experience, from offering our own brand of craft beer to providing outstanding hospitality. We host all kinds of different private events and live music performances - our space is currently expanding!  In 2022, we are excited to announce the addition of the Velvet Elk Lounge, a funky live music and bar extension to The Post.”

The extremely popular restaurant continues to grow, adding a seventh spot in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. But there is something unique about Boulder. “This particular location is an amazing spot. It has so much energy - from the university nearby to the vibrant and historic downtown, it’s such a special place to have a business. Plus, there is a great mix of regular locals and tourists from out of town. It keeps every day interesting!”

If you’re passionate about a glass of good craft beer and a memorable dining experience, stop by The Post Chicken & Beer and say hello. “Along with dine-in service, we also offer a robust to-go program with online ordering. Additionally, we sell gift cards and rent out our space for private events. Follow us on social media (@thepostchickenandbeer) for the latest news on food specials and fun events.”

Sometimes, the best way to make a dream happen is to do it yourself. When Dave decided he wanted a brewery to serve his restaurants with local craft beer, The Post Chicken & Beer was born. The next time you are craving some comfort food and a frothy local brew, head downtown to The Post for an amazing meal and a great time. 

Why Boulder


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Why Downtown?

Downtown has so much energy - from the university nearby to the vibrant and historic downtown, it’s such a special place to have a business.

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