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Summer Saturday with Heads Up, The Hat Cart

With a background in Film and English Lit, Chris Norris didn't foresee himself hanging out on the Pearl Street Mall and selling hats for 18 years and counting! His strong desire to live a less complicated life led him purchase Heads Up (better known as The Hat Cart) in 2001... and  he's been at the helm of his own teenie, tiny business ever since. You'll find Chris (and his hat cart) on the corner of 13th and the Pearl Street Mall when the weather is warm and the sun is shining.

A nice Summer Saturday Downtown starts with breakfast at Lucille's, where I'll wonder how it is that I eat here only once a year. Then to Pearl Street Mall, maybe a cup of coffee from Brewing Market (gotta remember to bring one's reusable mugs!) and taking a seat to people-watch and chat. Rob from Fast Eddie's Hot Dog Stand is always up for an entertaining chin-wag, if he's not too busy. In spirit of wagging, and in spite of Pearl St Mall being “Pet Free,” I do like to introduce myself to passing dogs.

If I have a guest in town, we watch some the street theater performers on offer, Sam Sam, Peter Irish, The Zip Code Guy, Ibashi, Vermont John, the many musicians...

Boulder Bookstore is great. 

After reading our new books for a bit, the Farmer's Market is next. Wonderful fresh food and more people-watching.

If the kids are in tow, we will visit Into the Wind and Rocket Fizz.

For dinner, I like to visit one of Boulder's seminal brew pubs, The Mountain Sun. I would certainly check to see if anything interesting is at Boulder Theater. Such a great music venue.  

Then, we return to my truck, parked in one of the city-owned lots that are free on weekends, and head home.   

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Chris Norris


Heads Up, The Hat Cart


Purchased in 2001

Why Downtown?

Downtown Boulder is great because it has such wonderful and varied restaurants and retail, and it is a genuine Downtown, with all of the unsanitized experiences that that suggests.

My Insider Guide to Downtown Boulder