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Bananas for These Banners

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Post Date: Friday, January 24, 2020

I was walking down the Pearl Street Mall the other day and something was different, I wasn’t sure what, but I knew something had changed. After a few minutes of seriously over-analyzing my surroundings, I figured it out... the banners hanging from the light poles along the mall were new! After further inspection, I realized that each of the banners had something to do with the earth and climate. Back at the office, I did some digging. 

The new lamp post banners are part of Downtown Boulder’s annual Student Banner Project. The banners are all designed by students from Columbine Elementary School, Casey Middle School and Boulder High School with this year’s theme of “Climate Change.” I think it is super cool that the youth’s of Boulder not only care about climate change, but they have a wonderful outlet to express what climate change means to them and why they think it’s an important issue. Plus, these kids are seriously talented! (I now feel the need to work on my art skills… when’s the next POSHsplat public class paint?)

But actually, these banners are some of the coolest art I have seen in all my time downtown. From messages of “we’re running out of time” to “save our oceans,” the works are beautiful, powerful and downright inspirational. We can all take a look at these works of art and think about the ways we can speak out about climate change and other issues that we are passionate about. 

If you like these banners, you will love Boulder Arts Week, who presents the Banner Project in conjunction with D.B.P. Boulder Arts Week happens March 27th to April 4th this year and is a huge inclusive  celebration of all the vibrant art, cultural offerings and creativity that can be found right here in Boulder.    

The banners will be up through April. You can see some of my personal favorite banners in this blog, but I recommend visiting here for a downloadable map or the Visitor Information Center at 1303 Pearl Street starting in late January for a map of all the banner locations so you don’t miss out on any of these gems!

I hope you enjoy the art! You’ll hear from me again soon,

Intern Keighlee

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