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How To Spend A Summer Day in Downtown Boulder

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Post Date: Monday, June 15, 2020

Photo courtesy of @willhikeforavocados via Instagram

Summer is (and will forever be) my favorite season, and there is no better place to spend a summer day than strolling through downtown Boulder! Not only are there countless shops and restaurants to pop into, but nothing beats the sunshine and light breeze that accompany a Boulder summer. Downtown boulder and the Pearl Street Mall are the perfect place to experience all of this, and I’m going to share with you my itinerary for the perfect summer day. Even though things look a bit different, all of the businesses are doing their part to keep you safe. The number of people allowed in at a time is limited, and visual markers inside many of the stores will help you practice social distancing. Let’s do our part to support the businesses while also keeping everyone safe. Don’t forget to bring your mask and follow social distancing guidelines!

First things first, you need to get some fuel in your system. May I suggest Whole Sol Blend Bar? Their smoothie bowls and toasts will fill you up till lunchtime (don’t miss their seasonal and delicious Sunshine Bol) and if you need a caffeine boost, their vanilla bean cold brew will do the trick. Now that you’re all fueled up, let’s skip to my favorite part- shopping. If we start heading down the center of the Mall towards Broadway, some of the best stores you can head into are Elison Rd., Art Source International and the Boulder Book Store. If you have the time and want to check out one more shop in this area, I suggest Peppercorn. I love flipping through their extensive collection of cookbooks and picking up a new spice or dipping sauce to try at home is always a treat. 

By now you’ve probably worn yourself out and worked up an appetite. Take some time off from the Mall and wander down Broadway towards Boulder Creek. On your way you can stop by Boulder Baked or T/ACO for lunch. While both restaurants offer wildly different options, both are renowned Boulder favorites and always at the top of my list when I eat out. The carnitas and shrimp tacos at T/ACO are to die for, and Boulder Baked has some of the best grilled cheese and tortellini soup I’ve ever tasted. If you really want to make the most of your summer day, order your lunch to go and take it down to the creek. Nothing beats a picnic in the shade with the sound of the creek running in the background.

After you’ve rejuvenated yourself, you can head back to the Mall for some more shopping and people watching or simply meander around the downtown district. There’s always something or someone to see, and the Alley Gallery makes for a fun game to see who can spot all the murals first! To wrap up your downtown summer day, make sure to stop by Le Pops. Their popsicles and soft serve are sure to cure the summer heat and refresh you after a full day of walking. 

I hope this guide will help you plan a wonderful summer day in downtown Boulder! 

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