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Peace Out, Downtown Boulder!

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Post Date: Monday, August 19, 2019

For the past three months, I have had the pleasure of interning for the Downtown Boulder Partnership. I have learned so much about marketing, improved my writing skills, and have grown to love the downtown district even more. 

This internship allowed me to experience all the excitement that goes on downtown. I was lucky to be apart of an organization that encouraged me to explore downtown and familiarize myself with the area. By my third week at Downtown Boulder Partnership, I was giving my friends and family a tour of the district, spewing random facts and pointing out my go-to spots. 

I think that the best part about downtown Boulder are the number of locally owned and operated businesses. As you may remember from my first blog, I am from Highlands Ranch, which is a great Denver suburb full of chain restaurants and stores. I believe what makes downtown so special is the fact that 80% of the businesses are local. Supporting these businesses is so important to help them grow and thrive in our community. It feels so good to buy a book from Boulder Book Store or an outfit from Chelsea because I know that my purchase is directly helping the shop and the sales tax is making Boulder even more awesome. 

This was my first internship, and I don’t think I could have had a better experience. Everyone in the Downtown Boulder office showed me nothing but patience and kindness. They are all incredibly hardworking and skilled at what they do. This group of people help make downtown Boulder the extraordinary place that it is. 

I am going into my third year at CU, so I still have two years to explore and admire this beautiful place. I am so glad I had this internship when I did because I still have plenty of time to visit all the downtown shops, restaurants, and events that people have recommended to me. My internship gave me such a strong appreciation for this terrific downtown district and everyone involved in making it great. Thank you for everything, Downtown Boulder. 


Intern Sally 

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