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Restaurants I Grew Up Eating at and Love!

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Post Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021

Hey Downtown!

We all like a good throw back to reminisce on our younger days, right? Well today, just in time for Throwback Thursday, I want to share a few of my personal favorite restaurants that I’ve either been going to since I was in elementary school when my dad worked at the Boulder Theater or that I discovered in high school.

The first stop is Pizza Colóre. I remember growing up and going here with my dad either after school or on a weekend. Their pizza is fresh and inexpensive - if I had to pick just one pizza place  to eat at  for the rest of my life, I would pick Colóre! Back then, my favorites were the classic cheese, the pepperoni and the meathead. Around high school, my diet had changed, but I still loved going to Pizza Colóre, so I opted to get their cheese pizza with pesto whenever I could. This is still my favorite to this day. I have so many fond memories of ordering pizza and cannolis and then sitting in the back and being mesmerized by the giant mirror on the wall. I highly recommend Pizza Colóre to anyone who grew up in, lives in or is visiting Boulder.

If you’ve never tasted Falafel King, you don’t know what you are missing. They’re a Mediterranean quick-service restaurant and have everything from falafels and gyros to salads. I discovered this place in high school during my Mediterranean food phase and fell in love with the quality of just about everything on their menu. My friends and I visited often after midterms or finals- it was the perfect food to celebrate ending a semester. If you’d like some recommendations, my favorites are the lamb gyro with hummus and baba ganoush or dolmas and the falafels and hummus. If you’re looking for something quick, healthy and Mediterranean, I recommend checking out Falafel King the next time you are on the Bricks.

A photo of a lamb gyro and hummus on a table in a restaurant.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I have to give another shout out to Lindsay’s Boulder Deli @ Häagen Dazs. It wouldn’t be right to talk about my old favorite spots without mentioning them. Their food and ice cream are the best treats after a long school day or just before (and after) finals. I highly recommend stopping by and seeing what they have to offer! Check out my blog about them here - say hi and tell Lindsay that Cash sent you!

I hope you enjoy these places as much as I have! What’s your favorite restaurant from when you were  growing up? Is it downtown? I’d love to know, email me at!

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