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This Is OUR Happy Place

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“Welcome to Your Happy Place.” With amazing shopping, lodging, dining, services and entertainment (not to mention the best people-watching in the state) - downtown Boulder offers a variety of authentic experiences for everyone. 

The best way to experience all that downtown has to offer is to come check us out for yourself, I want to showcase four Boulder locals and share why downtown Boulder has become their happy place. 

picture of gabby

Say hello to Gabby Kraemer!

Gabby is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying integrated physiology. Originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota, she moved to Boulder because she was drawn to the beautiful mountains and community of outdoorsy, happy people. 

When touring the university, Gabby and her family paid a visit to downtown Boulder and fell in love with the city’s liveliness and variety of activities so close to campus. Boulder has made Gabby feel like she has a home away from home. She frequents downtown to study, shop and enjoy fresh air with friends. She loves going to the Boulder County Farmers Market on Saturday mornings just like she used to with her family in Minnesota.
“Downtown is so lively and comforting to me. You can shop, eat and hang out with friends- it has everything you need! It is like having the possibility of a bigger city packed into a small community. As a vegan, there are so many options for me to dine downtown. I love how accommodating all the vendors are to my food preferences. My favorite spot is Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant because of the great atmosphere and endless options for food and drink”. 

Thank you Gabby for sharing what downtown means to you! 

picture of jordan

Meet Jordan Khan!

Jordan is a bartender at a well-loved Mexican restaurant downtown, Centro Mexican Kitchen! He is originally from Denver and moved here to study at CU Boulder. 

When asked about working downtown, Jordan said, “I love working at Centro because it gives me the opportunity to connect with the Boulder community while serving and enjoying a diverse palate of food and drinks. After work, I love to walk around and absorb all that downtown has to offer.” Jordan’s go-to spot to hangout with friends downtown is the Attic Bar and Bistro. You can also find Jordan at his favorite place to grab a bite, Lolita’s Market & Deli. Jordan swears they have the best quick and delicious breakfast!
Thanks Jordan for always serving with a smile! 

picture of lexi

This is Lexi - one of Downtown Boulder’s very own! 

Lexi Treadway is a Downtown Boulder Ambassador and Team Lead. 

Here’s a bit more about our incredible ambassador program: The Downtown Boulder Ambassador Team is a group of amazing individuals who work so hard to keep our downtown clean, safe and friendly! This program brings additional improvements to downtown’s appearance and offers resources for the local community and visitors to the downtown core. You can find ambassadors at the Visitor Information Center as well as around the district while they ensure you have a happy, safe and positive experience downtown every day of the year. If you see them around, make sure to say hello! 

Lexi will be celebrating her one-year anniversary as a Downtown Boulder Ambassador in June.  When asked about why she loves to work downtown she replied, “I just love helping people. It is such a unique experience to work downtown, especially as an ambassador. It is definitely a different job than anything I have done before, but it is incredibly rewarding. You get the chance to meet people from all over the world as downtown attracts a wide range of people from all over.” 

When Lexi isn’t working, you can find her downtown at some of her favorite spots. Lexi loves to visit Rosetta Hall with friends for their amazing mojitos. She also enjoys shopping at Terracotta and browsing their wide variety of plants. One of her favorite areas downtown is over by the pop jets on the 1300 block as she describes it as a very lively and happy area to hang out! 

Thank you Lexi for all that you do to keep downtown Boulder safe, fun and enjoyable for all!

picture of harry kennedy

Last (but definitely not least) meet Harry Kennedy! 

Harry Kennedy is an employee of arguably one of the coziest and most beloved places downtown, the Boulder Book Store. Harry has been with the Boulder Bookstore for 18 incredible years! 

“Being downtown is amazing because it gives you the chance to meet people from all over the country and even from all over the world. I love working at the Boulder Book Store because there are people who work here who are college aged, middle aged, you name it! The employees and people who come into the store keep me young! I love coming downtown when I want to show off Boulder to my friends, it is just such a great place to be”. 

His favorite spots downtown include the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Illegal Petes, and listening to music on the courthouse lawn at events like Bands on the Bricks

Thank you Harry for being such a valuable part of what makes downtown so memorable for us all. 

As you can see, downtown Boulder is such a special place for so many reasons. We hope to see you soon to create memories and connections of your own that will allow downtown Boulder to truly become our happy place!

See you around!


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