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Graduation Gift Guide 2021

The past year has made graduating even that much more impressive for the group of young adults that are ready to set out and conquer the world! This stage of life is exciting and those who have accomplished this monumental task deserve a little something special to help celebrate the moment.  This gift guide can give you some inspiration to help show the graduates in your life how proud you are of them this year! 

If you are feeling a bit indecisive on one particular gift, there’s always the  Downtown Boulder Gift Card. Accepted at over 120 retailers (and restaurants) downtown, the graduates are sure to find something that they will enjoy as they move in to full fledged adulthood! The card is available online or in person at the Visitor Information Center (13th & Pearl). 

Gift Your Grad a Gift Card

Dinner at Hapa Sushi

You can never go wrong by taking somebody out to dinner as a gift! Take your favorite grad to Hapa Sushi and treat him/her to a nice dinner outside with as many sushi rolls as you can both eat ;).

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Blowout from Blo Blow Dry Bar

Graduation photos and graduation parties are one of the most fun parts of senior year. Treat your grad to a blowout at Blo Blow Dry Bar to get his/her hair looking fresh for graduation parties and photo shoots!

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Action Planner from Bliss

Organization is helpful even after graduating school, which means the gift of an action planner is a great option! Run over to Bliss to check out their selection, and help your favorite graduate have an easier transition into life beyond school.

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Membership from Amana Yoga

Workout classes are always fun and unique gifts to give. Get your grad a membership at Amana Yoga, and maybe one for you too as a way to de-stress and unwind...adulting is hard work!

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House Plant from Terracotta

Graduation can lead to a new job, which may also mean new apartment or home. Consider the gift of a tall decorative plant from Terracotta to brighten up a new space while also supporting a small, local business!

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Buffalo Tee from Charlie's T-Shirts

If you are gifting to a Boulder native or CU graduate, you can't go wrong with apparel to always remember Boulder, Colorado! #GoBuffs

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Facial from Clean Your Dirty Face

After four years (or longer for grad school graduates) of hard work and determination, skin may need a little extra TLC. A facial from Clean Your Dirty Face will help your grad wash away the stress of college and finals!

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Mead from Savannah Bee Company

Over 21? Forget the champagne and celebrate with... mead! Find the Mead Bar in Savannah Bee Company that caters to both mead enthusiasts and the curious novices who may sample mead (from still to sparkling, semi-sweet to sweet) on site and purchase a bottle for a graduation celebration. Always drink responsibly!

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Art from R Gallery

Invest in an art piece crafted by a Colorado artist that your grad can enjoy throughout his/her entire adult life.

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Cooking Class from Food Lab

After graduating, it is finally time to move on from classic college food staples (Ramen and cereal). Help your graduate's culinary transition with the gift of a cooking class from Food Lab! If you are lucky, you might reap the rewards with an invitation to dinner!

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