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Classic Facets

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Theresa Peregoy has had a love of antique jewelry for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Maui, antique gemstones were hard to come by. As a child, she poured over books that detailed jewelry and gems, soaking in as much information as she could. When it came time for college, she had her heart set on the mountains and moved to Boulder to attend CU. To this day, she has never left the Flatirons.

“Boulder is such a beautiful place. It’s just a fun environment with well-educated people that possess a sense of adventure - what could be better than that? I love being able to hike and explore outdoors,” said Theresa. “After I graduated from CU, I worked in a few different jobs that were never perfect fits. When I finally decided to focus on something I enjoyed, I found Classic Facets. I’ve worked here as the staff gemologist and manager since 1996.”

The previous owner - Mikki Rainey - opened Classic Facets on the West End of Pearl Street in 1985. “Mikki used to own a retail shop on Walnut, which is where she was working when her mom sent her a box of old rhinestone jewelry. She put it out in the store, and she sold out immediately. In that moment, the concept behind Classic Facets was born.”

Classic Facets specializes in consignment jewelry, meaning all pieces are antique (100 years or older), vintage (30 - 90 years old) or estate (previously enjoyed). “One of my favorite parts of my job is that I learn something new every day. Even with a graduate degree in gemology, I am constantly blown away by the items that walk into our store. I get to see jewelry that most gemologists never see - stones from different periods and eras. It’s really incredible.”

When Mikki retired in 2021, Theresa knew it was time to purchase the store for herself. “Jewelry has always been my life. I still have the very first piece of jewelry I was ever given. So when Mikki approached me about her departure, I knew I wanted to step into an ownership role.”

After working on Pearl Street for so many years, Theresa has grown close with the downtown Boulder business community. “I have so many friends that own businesses around me, and it’s great fun to get together and swap stories about what’s going on. The community is so strong - our neighbors at Trident Booksellers & Café even shovel our sidewalk for us every time it snows! The bond on Pearl Street is very special.”

If you’ve cleaned out your closet recently and have found jewelry pieces that you aren’t sure what to do with, stop by Classic Facets. “Come visit us and say hello! If you bring jewelry in, we’ll tell you what we would consign it for. We’re also in the process of revamping our website, so check back in a few months for online ordering. In the meantime, follow us on social media (@classicfacets) for a sneak peek at items in the store!”

While learning about gemstones has always been a passion of Theresa’s, her favorite thing to learn about is the stories behind the people purchasing them. “There is no better feeling than matching the right person with the right piece. From a bride’s face putting on the earrings she’ll wear on her wedding day to helping a fiancé pick out the perfect engagement ring, those moments are what make my job so special.” The next time you are looking to buy or sell a piece of jewelry, head to Classic Facets. Theresa and her top notch team are ready to help you!

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I have so many friends that own businesses around me, and it’s great fun to get together and swap stories about what’s going on. The community is so strong!

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