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headshot of Alia Sebben

When Alia Sebben was living in Portland, Oregon, she became a certified yoga instructor in 2011 through her favorite local studio, Yoga Pearl. A CU Boulder alumnus, Alia was drawn to return to Boulder and share her passion for rejuvenation through yoga with the local community. In 2014, Alia opened Amana Yoga.

“At the time, Boulder really only offered heated power yoga or deeply therapeutic and meditative yoga - there was no in between. The need existed for a well-rounded studio,” said Alia. “I view yoga as cross-training for life, which means it doesn’t always need to be extremely intense. It’s a workout for the mind as well as the body.”

When Alia first decided she wanted to open a yoga studio in Boulder, she asked her friend and mentor of Yoga Pearl in Portland if she wanted to partner and expand the Yoga Pearl scope. However, the timing wasn’t right - quite yet. “We’ve experienced a lot of evolution and growth. With the help of my dad, Amana Yoga first opened on Broadway. A few years later, we moved to Walnut and renovated the space. In 2019, I brought on a private investor. When the pandemic hit, we developed Fiteo, a robust online platform and software to offer virtual classes that we have since sold to eight other studios and gyms. Finally, in 2021 we moved to our current and stunning Pearl West studio location. At the same time, I acquired Yoga Pearl in Portland and reopened under the Yoga Pearl name.”

Yoga Pearl offers a variety of class types including yin yoga, warm vinyasa flows, slow and strong Hatha flows, restorative yoga and yoga Nidra. “We also host many events and specialty classes, such as yin yoga and acupuncture, new and full moon sound healing events, yoga and hikes and donation yoga for families at the Boulder Farmers Market on Wednesdays! In the spring and summer, we provide outdoor classes at North Boulder Parks and other parks around the city. Yoga Pearl is a great place to socialize and form a community as well - we host monthly brunch at Bartaco and dinner at Hapa Sushi and Sake Bar.”

When looking for a spot to open her studio, Alia knew Boulder was the perfect location. “We have some of the most health-minded people in the world and really strong athletes here. I’m passionate about using yoga as a way to stay at your healthiest. Additionally, downtown is such a cool place with an amazing community. So many businesses are locally owned and unique - it’s a wonderful place to be.”

If you’re a beginner looking to try something new or if you are an experienced yogi, stop by Yoga Pearl and take a class (Sunday mornings at 8 am are free to the public)! “Come in and take a class or a workshop with us - no matter your level. We offer classes for anyone with any level of experience. If you’re really passionate about yoga, consider a teacher training through our studio. And follow us on social media (@yogapearl)!

Alia was seeking more balance in life when she found yoga. It provides her with the chance to meditate, breathe and move - which all help to find peace in the chaos of life. If you’re in need of more movement, flexibility, mindfulness or even just time away from a screen, check out Yoga Pearl. You might just be a yogi at heart!

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Boulder has some of the most health-minded people in the world and really strong athletes here.

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