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Downtown Boulder is Open for Rediscovery

Rediscover...Small Businesses

Rediscover the love of chocolate covered strawberries; the perfect pair of fitted jeans; a sparkly bauble; a tailored shirt; a new book from your favorite author; a bright kite; a colorful painting...the list goes on and on!  Downtown Boulder is open for rediscovering all the things you fell in love with throughout our charming district. Behind all of these opportunities for rediscoveries are small business owners who bring their passion and interest into everything they do (and sell). Below, we're highlighting the faces behind your favorite downtown Boulder businesses, and we'll be sharing these stories all year long on our Facebook and Instagram.

For the love of everything that makes Boulder special, come rediscover local every chance you get.

Rediscover...The Perfect House Plant

"Terracotta Plant Shop is a new, full-service indoor plant boutique run by partners Adria Buonocore and Eben Forrest. We prioritize teaching our customers proper, individualized plant care, and use organic soils and fertilizers to ensure that when you bring a plant home from our shop, you’ll be able to watch it grow and even facilitate that process yourself. We are also 1% for the Planet members, which means that we’ve committed to donating 1% of our sales to Cool Earth, a nonprofit that aims to protect rainforests from deforestation in order to slow climate change. Three ways you can help us right now are, of course, by buying our plants in store Tues- Sun 10 am- 5:30 pm or online at 24/7, telling your friends about us, and following us on instagram @topterracotta." - Adria & Eben, Terracotta Plant Shop

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“Sushi Zanmai has been Japanese owned for all 35 years! Knowing our community and creating personal relationships with our customers is the best part of owning a business downtown. You can support us with dine in, take out, and spreading the word” - Nao Kanda, Sushi Zanmai

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Rediscover...Painted Pottery

“My absolute favorite part of Color Me Mine is making connections with the people who walk through my doors. Everyone that comes in quickly becomes a friend. As a small business owner, I want to see the community thrive and stay unique. 2020 is our studio's 20th anniversary at the Pearl St location in Boulder. What was to be a year of celebrating has quickly become a year of survival. We definitely need the support of the community to see us through the end of this trial. Three things the community can do to support us is, they can follow us on social media, share their painting experiences online, and come paint with us!” - Lisa, Color Me Mine

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Rediscover...Great Glasses

“Envision Boulder is unique in that we are a small, family owned business and we take pride in providing cutting edge technology, expert advice, and handcrafted eyeglass frames to all our patients. Get your eyes checked - You need an eye exam every year to ensure healthy eyes.  Buy a pair of backup glasses or prescription sunglasses. My favorite thing about being a part of the Downtown Boulder Community is how small and familiar it is.  I know if I go to Freddie's Hotdog stand for lunch, I'll probably see a few familiar faces.  I know I'll probably see the same customers for years to come because people like it here and they stick around.” - Tyler, Envison Boulder

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Rediscover...Fashionable Shoes

“Shoe Fly is unique in that we are a small, family-owned business which takes great pride in providing outstanding customer service.  Boulder residents, visitors and students return season-after-season for the attention to detail that we offer, helping them to find just the right fashionable shoe or boot to fit their individual style.  My favorite thing about being a part of the Downtown Boulder community is interacting with the friendly customers and fellow small business owners on West Pearl.  When you next visit us, don't forget to take some time to stop at Wonder, Pasta Jays, Oskar Blues and J Albrecht Designs!  Besides shopping local at Shoe Fly for your next footwear product, three things the Boulder community can do to support us is follow us on social media, provide us a great review on Google or Yelp, and recommend us to a friend!” - Kristin, ShoeFly Boulder

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Rediscover...Maps & Prints

“We've been in business for 40 years - we are a one of a kind shop - we challenge you to find another business as unique as us! We carry incredible artwork, hundreds of different puzzles and over 1,000 historic photos of Boulder, Denver and mountains towns. We employ 10-12 employees who have lives of their own, interests they pursue, and families they support. We love to see them grow and thrive in their lives and with their families. We love being able to support them - but we need the community's support to do this. Come in, buy online or buy a gift card! Follow us on social media too! @artsourceboulder” - Katie, Art Source International

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Rediscover...Beautiful Jewelry

“It is a joy and honor to have a business in this community. Like another favorite Colorado town in Aspen…I love the history, architecture and community pride that makes Boulder one of the coolest places on earth for me. The story makes our business unique. How I got started nearly 50 years ago making a ring for my girlfriend, and how the journey  has turned, twisted and changed not only my life but also the countless lives of those that cherish the jewelry I have designed. It is a shared story The community can come together in honoring this Covid time in caring for ourselves and each other. Help our local businesses, churches and schools – and finally, support law and order by supporting those that keep us safe.” - John Atencio

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Rediscover..Fresh Sandwiches and Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

"We are local and have been part of the community for over 16 years. We make all of our sandwiches, soups, and salads from scratch. We believe in great food, clean atmosphere, and great customer service. Boulder is the best place in the world to live. It's easy, beautiful, fun, and has the best community. My favorite part of being a business owner is my employees. They are teachers as well as students. I mentor them while they show me that young people want the best for themselves as well as others." - Lindsay, Lindsay’s Boulder Deli at Haagen-Dazs

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Rediscover...A Great New Ring

“It is more important than ever to support local businesses as they are the heart and soul of our community, our way to stay connected to our neighbors, and the reason tourists visit our downtown and support our economy. I think what makes our business unique is that every single piece of jewelry and textile is hand picked by us from the person that created it, and we are happy to tell you exactly who and where that was. You can support us by coming in and shopping local, letting people know we are keeping our spaces safe for you, and by wearing our jewelry and letting people know where you got it.” - Maruta, Gypsy Jewel

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Rediscover...A Hot Bowl of Homemade Soup 

“For every $100 spent at local businesses, $68 stays in the local economy.  Small, local businesses are run by your neighbors, and they employ 77 million Americans and account for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years!  Local businesses have smaller carbon footprints, donate more to the local community, and utilize other local businesses and service providers.  Downtown Boulder is unique because of all of our locally owned businesses.  If it is not feasible to spend money at these businesses, you can help by spreading the word, or sharing their social media posts! My why has always been to support the local food movement by providing good, clean, local food in a fast and friendly environment.  Farm to table should not have to be relegated to sit down, fine dining. You can support us by spreading the good word about eating local, buy a sandwich for a friend, and share feedback or creative ideas on how to improve sales as we head into the winter months.” - Marcy, Organic Sandwich Company

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Rediscover...Handpicked Clothing and Accessories You Won't Find Anywhere Else

“My favorite thing about being a small business owner is that I get to see my hard work pay off when customers come in and compliment my store and the great variety of items we sell. I can easily adjust to my customers needs because I am at the store interacting with customers all day. What makes Savvy on Pearl unique is that we offer items for men, women and kids and many of our items are designed in house so they are exclusively ours. My favorite part of being a part of the downtown community is meeting and interacting with all the other unique locally owned businesses. Also, I really enjoy being in the heart of everything. As a Boulder native, there is something very special about our downtown community and I feel lucky to get to work here. Three things the community can do now to support us: Support local stores and restaurants before simply ordering it online from a big box store. Leave kind words on social media telling everyone how lucky we are to have a great place like Downtown Boulder to shop and dine. Encourage all your friends to *safely* come visit Downtown Boulder.” - Erica, Savvy on Pearl

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Rediscover…Clothing for Positive Change (C4PC)

“At prAna, our mission is to create Clothing for Positive Change, a heartfelt promise to respect the planet and its people, always. Which brings us to our Responsible Packaging Movement. We’re asking you, our Boulder community, to join us on this journey toward eliminating excess packaging waste from our supply chains in a responsible, long-lasting way. Let's #ReshapePackaging. Together, we can outfit our adventures with respect for the planet and its people; We can inspire new generations to thrive and stay active in their own unique way; We can create clothing for positive change. From the farm to the factory to our closets, we all have an opportunity to create positive change through clothing. What’s the impact of changing one shirt to organic cotton? You could compare it to switching to energy-efficient light bulbs or turning off the faucet as you brush your teeth. Even the smallest changes add up. We’re far from the perfect system, but we know a higher standard exists in the fashion and apparel industry, and we strive for that ideal. In the end, we focus on progress and continue to improve with each year. We promise to dig into the weeds as we continue designing purpose-driven, durable, and versatile clothing for your active lifestyle. We invite you to help cultivate progress and inspire a positive social and environmental impact by asking questions about your closet. This is our Sustainability Movement.” - Helen, prAna

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“For 36 years, as Boulder’s quintessential consignment shop, Classic Facets has played a very special role in downtown Boulder life. They say that we humans are hardwired to get happy when we see sparkle. It makes sense. Water, sunshine, stars and moon all sparkle, all bring life and joy. At Classic Facets, we believe that fabulous antique jewelry is a natural extension and expression of that life and joy. We are here to help our Boulder community bring more sparkle into their lives. Now more than ever, the joy of something sparkly and beautiful can be a vehicle to make life a little bit better. When you shop with Classic facets, you help us to lovingly rehome family treasures and support our neighbors in the process. Buy yourself or someone you love something fabulous. Life is short, sparkle plenty! Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! Vintage jewels are sustainable and conflict free. Repurposing jewelry is a win/win for both our clients and consignors. Putin’ on the Ritz needn’t wait for a formal event! Dressing up can also be a more private affair. Take it from us, pearls feel divine with jammies and a cup of java. We adore the chance to connect the perfect piece  with its new family. We act as a bridge between people and their future or past treasures. Think of us as the fairy godmothers of all things sparkly.” - Mikki, Theresa and Amber, Classic Facets

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Rediscover...Comfortable Shoes

“I love being a part of the Boulder Community and getting to know our customers from near and far. I especially love getting to play tour-guide when customers ask for restaurant and shopping suggestions. I of course also love helping our customers find the perfect pair of comfortable shoes for whatever is going on in their life at the moment. Right now, a lot of our customers are looking for shoes to help them get outside, like walking shoes and hiking shoes, and also shoes to keep them cozy while at home, like slippers and wool clogs. I love the vibrant community that is downtown Boulder, the other locally owned shops and restaurants, the street performers and the people watching! I also love the smell of waffle cones that wafts through Downtown on summer evenings. Three things you can do to support us is Shop Local this holiday season, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@PedestrianShops) and Enjoy Life, Take a Walk.” - Zoe, Pedestrian Shops

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Shop with Purpose at Ramble on Pearl!  We offer a unique shopping experience for women’s and men’s athleisure apparel and accessories.  But that’s not all.  Ramble is owned and operated by Boulder Treasures, a nonprofit whose mission is to create pathways to purpose and community for adults with developmental disabilities.  Ramble hosts an on-the-job training program that prepares our apprentices for independent employment in the community. Stop by sometime and receive some awesome customer service from one of our apprentices.  And, please don’t assume that nonprofit means thrift store.  Through partnerships with leading national brands like Kuhl, Toad&Co, THML, Mystree, Neesha, Synergy & locally owned Krimson Klover we offer a broad range of the latest styles and fashions to fit every taste.” - Connie and Andy Minden, Boulder Treasures

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Rediscover...The Perfect Pair of Boots

“The perfect boot can take you from day to night, home to work, kids' soccer games to happy hour on a gorgeous Boulder patio. We get such a thrill out of sourcing the most unique footwear from around the globe for our customers. Being part of the Downtown Boulder community is a privilege that we do not take lightly. Not only are we surrounded by stunning mountains, we have world class restaurants and successful decades old businesses sprinkled throughout our neighborhood. Independent businesses up and down Pearl Street make our Downtown an incredible destination and we love being a part of this vibrant community. Supporting locally owned businesses is even more important now than ever. By purchasing from local retailers and eating in local establishments, you are keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive! You are playing an active role in community involvement when you shop locally...helping your neighbors, supporting your friends.  Lindsey and I feel strongly about keeping our dollars circulating Downtown by shopping and dining with our neighbors...from Barbara & Co to Dish Gourmet, we are always well dressed and well fed! Three things you can do to support us: follow us on social media (comment when you love really helps!), shop with us in-store or online, tell your friends and family about us!” - Laurel, Two Sole Sisters

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Rediscover...Sparkly Earrings

“I called Boulder my home in 1975 and worked for all the other businesses and decided to develop my own! My favorite part of being a small business owner is the flexibility in time we have to work with clients. The community could support us by buying their wedding rings from us and supporting our partnership with Hope Held by a Horse, which is a horse therapy ranch in Parker dedicated to providing therapy horses for breast cancer survivors. I’m lucky to be part of a downtown community that is so supportive” - Linda, Christine Marguerite Designs

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“My favorite part of being a small business owner is working with the employees and the community of Boulder. Supporting local is important because it supports the overall vitality of the community. What makes us unique is family - it's a restaurant you can call home. Consistency is key at Pasta Jay's. We have used the same family recipes for the past 32 years and make everything fresh every morning, which is what keeps people coming back for more. You can support us by dining-in or order take-out, order our family style meals for home, or purchase gift certificates in-store or at . My favorite part of being a part of the downtown community a simple answer - it's all about the people: my employees, the customers, the people who work downtown, the regulars, the guy picking up trash as I walk downtown in the morning, my prep cooks that come in at 3 AM and make the food every morning, the guys doing snow removal, business people going to work and visiting local businesses, and retailers opening up their shops. The people make up every intricate part of what it takes to run the downtown community. It's all the people that make Boulder the number one place to live in the country, or as I call it, the center of the universe.” - Jay, Pasta Jay’s

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Rediscover...Botanical Medicine

“My favorite part being a small business in Boulder is getting to work and grow with our beautiful community.  When you support a local business like Rebecca’s, we are then able to support our employees, local farmers, artisans and our collective health. Three ways the community can support us right now is by coming to visit us at our brick and mortar store or online, sharing with friends your favorite items from Rebecca’s and supporting all local independent businesses.” Rebecca, Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply

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“We are Medium sized Craft Coffee Roaster locally owned and operated. Employing a wide variety of people ranging in age and skills from High School to Career Professionals. We have a great program to teach the younger generations how to work within a team and succeed in a job. Local business is what brought most people to this town. I think it is very important for us to remember that! Online shopping could dramatically shift the way our town looks and feels if we don't spend our money here locally.  I know this sounds crazy but I personally haven't purchased anything from Amazon with the exception of audio books. I shop locally for the things I need. When done correctly Coffee can have a beneficial impact in our community and the Growing regions in which we buy our coffee. This can be a financial benefit and also a cultural benefit.  Connecting diverse coffee communities around the world through OZO COFFEE is my why. Support Ozo by visiting our retail stores and pick up a bag of coffee while you're there. Repeat weekly or as often as you like.” - Justin, Ozo Coffee Company

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Rediscover...Boulder(ado) History

"Pearl Street was the commercial district when Boulder was founded in 1871 and has grown to be the beautiful community hub that it is today. Downtown Boulder’s small businesses help to make the town such a remarkable place which is why it is so important to keep them alive and well. A part of Boulder’s strength is that we as a community help to take care of each other and support each other during hard times as well as good. Hotel Boulderado has been a unique part of Boulder’s history, from a small agricultural and mining town to a flourishing cultural center. Be part of bringing the flourish back to Downtown Boulder. Hotel Boulderado holds a very special place in the hearts and history of Boulder. When Hotel Boulderado opened in 1909, the streets were not paved, room rates were $1 - $2.50, and there were 26 automobiles in the city. Times may have changed, but some things stay the same. Hotel Boulderado is still the landmark envisioned by city council members, bringing timeless elegance and old-world charm not only to Downtown Boulder, but to each guest that visits. Three ways to support Hotel Boulderado: Plan a special night out or a relaxing staycation. Call the Boulderado directly at 303-442-4344 for reservations. Share your Boulderado experiences on Instagram and tag @hotel.boulderado. Let our sales team help you coordinate a small party or social event. We can accommodate from 10 to 50 people for various occasions. No event is too small.” - Laurel, Hotel Boulderado

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Rediscover…Fresh, Delicious, Inspired Food and Drink

“The connection with the people that walk through our historic doors is priceless. Spruce Farm & Fish and The Corner Bar are run with a people forward mentality. Whether it is our guests or staff, our whole management's main objective is to keep them happy through great customer service and excellent food and drinks. We've found if you support the community around you, they will support you. Both restaurants are within the historic Hotel Boulderado, so whether you work here or you're visiting, you're a part of our historic story. The Local Business' in downtown are our neighbors, friends, or family. Supporting them keeps our community thriving mentally and financially. The community can support us by joining us for dine-in brunch, lunch or dinner; by ordering to-go or delivery meals; and by purchasing gift cards over the phone or in-person.” - Alex, Spruce Farm & Fish, Corner Bar & License No. 1

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Rediscover…A Cozy Cup of Tea

“One of my favorite parts about managing a small business is the potential to engage with the people in our community, from my team here in store, to our customers on the other side of the counter! I learn so much from my team – my coworkers really help to foster a sense of community, and a responsibility to that community to help it grow, and improve. Similarly, our customers bring so much to the table with their own experiences, and curiosities about tea. It’s been said before that small businesses are the backbone of their communities - each business contributes to the diverse, unique space that Pearl Street is, making it a special place that that you won't find anywhere else! You can help support us during these times by coming in, and grabbing a cup or a bag of your favorite tea, or by ordering online to pick up in store!” - Destiny, Ku Cha House of Tea

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Rediscover...Quality CBD

“My favorite part of being a small business owner is creating something new and unique. Helping people given our line of work is important to me, providing a place for people that want to learn about CBD to come and shop. Infused, A CBD Marketplace is unique because of the thought that goes into our store, the products we carry and why we carry them over other brands. We care about how things look, how products taste and most importantly how they work. While this is all important to us we also try and keep our prices competitive given the branding and quality we carry. Also the companies we work with are unique products not coming from white labeled services. We love being in downtown - Being able to walk around and see friendly faces, feel the energy of folks visiting and meeting new people that come into our shop. 3 things the community can do to help support our business? Shop local, either coming into our store or shop on our website ( allowing us to deliver to you or ship if you are further than 10 miles from the store. Spread the word about our business to friends and family around the country. Leave us a review online letting people know why you love shopping with us and why our store is unique in the world of CBD” - Paul, Infused, A CBD Marketplace

Visit Infused, A CBD Marketplace

Rediscover...Inspired Living

“We feel so grateful to be surrounded by so many inspiring, creative and compassionate entrepreneurs. The vibrant community of Boulder is what sets the tone for our goal of "inspired living" and our fellow local businesses are what drives us to learn, do better, and engage with our customers. What makes us unique is that our customers are our friends! We strive to treat every customer as a guest in our home - our goal is to connect and create lasting relationships with our community of locals and visitors. Three things you can do to support us are tell a friend! Shop, eat, love all things local. Come say hi! We miss and enjoy seeing familiar faces or making new friends.” - Megan, Island Farm

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“Three things the community can do right now to support us: Buy Books! We're open to customers, but you can also buy books online and do curbside pickup. Subscribe to our social media - including our new Youtube channel ( Use our Online Holiday Gift Guide to do your holiday shopping this year - we've worked hard to make it fun and easy to use ( Supporting local business is vitally important if you want to be in a great community. This holiday season, more than ever, your choices matter. Where we spend our money these final days of 2020 determines the communities we find ourselves in come 2021. And we love being a part of the downtown community! We've been in the heart of Downtown Boulder for almost 50 years, and it's always been the perfect place for a bookstore like ours.” - David, Boulder Book Store

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Rediscover…A Great Wardrobe

“After success for over two decades in Denver, we opened our Boulder store 12 years ago. We were delighted to receive such a warm welcome on Pearl Street. As a resident of the area, I’ve enjoyed supporting the local community through fundraisers and sponsorships, and Downtown Boulder has always felt like home. We also love that Boulderites are looking for unique high-design styles, which fits our niche perfectly. In a boutique our size, we can offer very personalized service — we track your favorite brands and what fits you well — to help build your wardrobe over time and across seasons. This year, we have lots of comfy fabrics like pima cotton and cashmere, plus soft stylish pants, all perfect for working from home. Things that you can do to support us are shop locally, a lifestyle choice supports the neighborhood, and consider booking a shopping trip with your best friend at Barbara & Company. Get a little physically-distanced social time together — book your appointment outside of store hours any day of the week. Or shop from home at our online store or via a video call with one of our stylists. You can shop safely with us.” - Kathy, Barbara & Company 

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"Galvanize Boulder is a coworking and education bootcamp space that is home to the top tech companies, venture capitalists and developers in Colorado. We are also a Colorado based company that was founded in Denver! Our campus has been in Boulder for over 4 years and serves as an integral part of the community. We offer valuable mentors, access to top technical talent, thought provoking events, and a tight-knit community to support our members' success. As companies consider what work looks like in the future, our campus has a model to fit every need. To support the hybrid of remote work, we offer month-to-month open seats, day passes, and flex memberships for those who wish to change up their remote work routine. We've been open to the public since May and our staff continues to work hard to make the space safe and comfortable whether you're a long time member or just popping in for a day pass. Come visit us on Walnut St. or send us an email at!" - Lindsey Rohde, Galvanize Boulder

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